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Rep ranges for fiber types

Here’s a little something that I was wondering about. Everyone keeps talking about how fast twitch fibers are best trained with multiple sets of low reps. Aren’t those the same training parameters that increase strength? How does a fast twitcher get stronger? Can they stretch out the tempo until their sets last for 60 seconds? Or would they be better suited to less TUT? Is there anyone out there who can explain the physiology of tnis? Thanks

A high fast twitch individual who tries to do sets of 60 second duration will end up having to train with such ridiculously light weights that there won’t be much benefit. Your first assumption was mostly correct, that a high FT individual gains muscle by training in a lower rep range conducive to strength.

Kelly, you said that I was “mostly correct”. What were the bits that I was wrong about? Do FTs wind up increasing relative strength by doing singles, taking short intra-rep breaks, and so on? Thanks for your feedback.

Sorry I misread your message the first time. I thought you were asking how a high FT person gets size. To get strong the last thing you want to do is sets of high t.u.t. For pure neural strength keep set duration from 1- 20 seconds with multiple sets. A high FT person will likely gain size from this as well.