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Rep Ranges for Bodyparts?


anyone have bodyparts that respond differently to rep ranges for example, my deadlift doesnt increase with low reps but increases dramatically with high reps like 8 same for my lats.

yet my legs and shoulders respond to low reps like 2,3 and 4.


that sounds backwards to me, but i know nothing

yes, different muscles tend to have more fast twitch fibers than others

off of the top of my head, examples:

predominantly fast twitch muscles such as the hamstrings and triceps respond better to lower rep ranges (namely higher intensities and explosive training)

literally on the flipside ... quads and biceps tend to be slower twitch dominated and respond better to higher rep training

someone, my guess is CT and/or CW, has detailed this somewhere ... google it



You have to consider complete volume per body part. And whether some body part is worked indirectly by another exercise. In other words, I think it's hard to tell without looking at the whole routine. What you may percieve as different body parts responding to different rep ranges might be just coincidental.

But, the most important thing is that you're progressing!


I have heard that bodyparts that you dont normally use respond best to low levels of VOLUME. For example, one to two sets of neck work should suffice. This is from Charles Poliquin's book, the Poliquin Principles.