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Rep Range for Squatting Everyday?


when maxing out on squat everyday, what rep range do you go for? Is it singles, doubles, triples etc...? Personally, I have started squatting everyday two weeks ago and I try to max out for three sets of five reps. I think its a bit too much, so I thought maybe I should add a few kilos and go for triples or even doubles.


Why are you maxing every day?


because it works for me. in 2 weeks time I went from 3 sets of 3 reps 140kg. to 3 sets of 5 reps 150kg, but now it becomes a real grinding thing.I started feeling soreness in my legs, which beforehand did not occur.I feel that maybe the volume is a bit too high. I know some people squat everyday, but they usualy max out on singles or doubles.


To get stronger.


Lol I need to look at forum headings, sorry I'm pretty new to posting outside of my log/livespills.

EDIT: Also, just the word "maxing" reminds me of my high school football days where my teammates and I just tried to throw as much weight on the bar as we could at all times, expecting to maintain lifting 100% of our maxes very regularly. I think that was probably one of the dumber things I've done- I failed a lot of lifts and I think it held me back substantially at that time. I tend to be somewhat aggressive in trying to get people to think twice before shooting for absolute max effort all the time. Seems like you guys are using "maxing" in a somewhat less extreme sense though.


I'm not a serious oly lifter or anything, but I've seen good results with working on front squats by allowing flexibility as far as the rep range was concerned. I lifted 6 days a week and alternated days where I would shoot for 1-3 reps with days where I would shoot for 4-6 reps. I wouldn't allow grinders/failed reps, but would just cut the set when I saw a noticeable decline in explosiveness. Again, not a serious oly lifter, but that brought me some good gains and was very sustainable.


Big Mac, did you do only front squats 6 times a week? I alternate. One day - back squat, the other - front.


Front squats only for me. I only have a foot in the door on oly lifts- my ultimate aim is quad strength/size development. I like squatting ATG because it helps with both of these. However, when I go below parallel on back squats, I start to aggravate my knees. I don't see this problem with front squats, which is why I hit those all the time and only rarely back squat.

If you can do both with great form, that's awesome though


They mean daily max not new 1rm,2rm,4rm etc but a max thats the most on the day.


Got it- realized that once I saw Koing's response. Sorry for the confusion.


Go for a max single, drop 10kg and do 2 doubles. I only do this for FS. Haven't BS in ages. I'm going to BS once at the end of my sessions and see how it goes.

Don't do 5's man. You want to push up your 1RM. Maybe do 3's but no more then 3's.

I FS at the start and at the end of my sessions. You don't need much volume per session if you squat 8-9x a week as well as lifting.

You won't be able to hit a new PB every session...

95% good session!
90-94% okay
< 90% sub par

You want to be able to be in the 90-94% range at the very minimum and get a few in the 95% rep rage and you'll have an immense day and hit a new PB :smiley: