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rep range for fast twich muscles

NEED HELP!!! I have been trying to gain size for 3 years now and have only accomplished about 10 lbs that stayed on. I was wondering if anybody knows anythong about Poliquins test for muscle fibers? Because I can do 2 reps at 85% of my one rep max on most exercises. I think this means i’m mostly fast twitch muscle but does this mean I should train almost exclusively with low reps to gain size?

Sounds like a diet related problem.

I’d also look at form. For this purpose,
the 1RM should be performed in the
same manner as each rep when performed
as an exercise. It sounds as if you might
have a situation where you genuinely are
fast-twitch, but on top of this there’s
some “body-English” or heaving that is
putting the 1RM higher than it should be
figured as for this purpose.