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Rep PRs at Different Weights and Progress


Hey guys

531 week of 2nd cycle, loving everything so far just one question.

Should I be super concerned with rep PR’s at different weights?

For example, today I did 185x15 for bench but last cycle I did 180x17. The weight increased but my reps are starting to drop. Ive looked at calculators and 180x17 seems to be “stronger” ? Should i just not worry about it and move forward, or should i really stress about beating my numbers over the weeks?


Don’t worry about it.

Just follow the program, eat to sustain and enjoy the process.


You shouldn’t worry, 185x15 and 180x7 are basically the same.



I will echo here.
DO NOT WORRY :slight_smile:
You are doing fine :slight_smile:


ya my plan was to get 185x16 but there was no way I was getting that last rep