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Rep Numbers

From your guys experiences, what would be the best rep range for barbell curls and tricep extensions for stimulating growth?

  1. <5
  2. 5-8
  3. 8-12
  4. 12+
  5. Variety of ranges

Not trying to hijack, but wanted to add a question with this. When I change up my rep range from say 3x10 to 5x5 I always throw a little more weight on. I have always wondered if I were doing this wrong but was always too afraid of being called an idiot. Should I keep the same weight with 5x5 as I used with 3x10? It never felt right doing those first couple sets of 5 so incredibly easy.

You’re joking right? The idea behind 5x5 is to go heavy [80-85% rm]and go hard then when you get all 5 at 5 you add weight.
Read Dan Johns article on it.