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CHeck it out, my gym just got this so STOKED!!! What do you think? www.repmaxx.com


Another machine for the male ego.


that thing looks like a video game, and wonder how often it's gonna be out of service


I seriously thought that was a joke, like working out as an arcade game or something.


"If it's stupid and it works, it isn't stupid"

Judges are still out, methinks.


This personally looks really dumb. Something about having weights making noise on the bar is well, awesome. I personally don't see this catching on very quickly. To much maintenance if CPU breaks down, to many cables, and pulleys etc.

Probably A LOT cheaper to have bar, bench, and enough weight.


Ya but how much can you REP-MAXXX brah?




I thought it said RAPE-AXE.

WTF is this shit?




Now what would be cool is an ability to program a resistance curve, and use it for squatting and deadlifting, too.


Or use bar speed feedback to adjust the weight in real time, maybe to match a desired bar speed curve.


they should invent a vagina machine, one that doesn't talk and makes sammiches of course


How can anyone doubt the word of a guy called Bruce Pechman?


My gym used to have some sort of electronic computer controlled equipment like this made by Life Fitness. It was OK but the movement ended up feeling awkward, like those pneumatic resistance machines.


Hey isn't that the dude from Falling Skies? Did they not get a second season then? =(


lol thought that was an arcade as well, pinball machine or some