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Rep Maxes and True Max

About 3 weeks ago I recently military pressed my bodyweight for a single (60kg) which is an all time PR. Yet I realise that when training in the 75% to 90% rep range, I have never been able to hit the target number of reps that I should theoretically be able to, be it before or after my PR attempt. This is not the case for the other big 3 lifts though.

I am training more for powerlifting so I suppose I shouldn’t be too worried about the military press as it is at most an assistance lift for the bench, yet for curiosity’s sake I would also like to hear some of your opinions as to why this is so.

The rep/max calculator usually predicts my 1RM is a little heavier than it actually is. I’d take the other way around all day long.

It is heavier for squats, little light for upper body, and pretty accurate for deadlifts. At least for me. 85 for five and 90 for three is a good rule of thumb for bench/deads for squats I am not sure…

Calculator is fairly spot on for most of my lifts.