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Rep. Max Percentages


I am maxing around 345 on bench, that I am sure of, and I was doing 8x3, today I switched to 4x8 and tried to bench 225 it was hard as hell. I looked up my percentage of 1rm and it is only like 65% it says I should be able to do 225 for like 14 reps is something wrong with me? WTF is the deal?


Big daddy this isnt uncommon. youll find that those percentages give a good estimation, but can be very inaccurate because they dont take into consideration how one lifts. if you do a lot of heavy 5 or 4 or 3 rep sets, your strength is in low reps and your body can press a lot of weight a couple of times but it wears down very quickly.

you might be able to bench 400 and only do 225 x 15. but if you do a lot of 8s or 10s or fifteens rep sets you condition your body to lift the weight a lot of times. you might be able to bench 225 x 15 times but max at 275.


I find it hard to believe if you can do 225 x 15 that you will only max 275. OP, you state that you max at 345, that you know of. Are you guessing your max? Most likely you can not do 345.


That charts or calculators of that sort give figures that often are quite wrong in practice for many individuals.


i had reconstructive hand surgery december 17 2005. i had tendon graph in my left hand, i had to start from scratch. when i started lifting again because my left hand was useless and had been casted for 8 months i had to relearn how to use my hand, it was a very long and painful process. when i got back into benching i found that the weight of the bar on my hand made that tendon scream in pain. i decided to just stick it out with 225 and do the best reps i could. i worked my way up to 5 sets of 10 or 12, 3 sets of 15. that kinda thing, but never went above 225. i did a bench test and found i could bench 225 x 23 reps. when my hand finally got to where it wasnt killing me to try to go heavier i maxed and could only bench 280. i could do 225 x 23 and benched 280. right not i do heavy reps and dont do many 8 or 10 or 12 rep sets. i do 5s 4s 3s and sometimes clusters. my bench is 355 as of 3 weeks ago when i maxed. i did a bench test and can only bench 225 x 18 right now. so it is very possible.


Its conditioning for your muscles, just like when someone runs a long distance it makes you better suited to run far, but it doesnt necassarily make you faster. and sprinting makes you faster, but doesnt mean you can run a mile well.

i hope that helps a little bigdaddy. dont get discouraged because of some chart or bench calculator. because at the end of the day maxing out is the best way to see what your max really is.


Did you do that 280 directly after the 23 at 225?


i actually maxed a few weeks(3,4 or maybe 5) after doing the 225 max rep workout.


I don't understand why you think I most likely can't bench 345 you don't know me. I said it that way because I maxed after a workout and I believe I could get more weight if I wasn't tired from doing my whole bench routine then maxing out right afterward. That workout I benched

295x3-280x3-280x3-275x4-345x1 He did have his hands on the bar for the 345 but he kept them on the bar from liftoff to completion it was just some guy at the college so he sort of did shit his own way. Today my buddy wanted to max and he hit 255x1 I impressed myself i did 255x10 only for 1 set though and it killed me. But that is my highest 10rm ever that is a huge PR for me.


Fightorflight my friend had the same type of shit and he still cant bench right that was like 2 or 3 years ago. You seem to be doing pretty well in my opinion. That is some bad ass weight you're putting up congrats man, more impressive for you because you don't weigh as much as me. I won't get discouraged this is the strongest I have ever been! a few months ago I decided to just go for all the strength I could and I could only rep 225 for 3to5 reps now I am extremely happy with what I can do!

Wilmernuts I don't care if you believe me or not I am not lifting to impress you. So if you just want to criticize please just don't resond to my posts. He could obviously be able to rep 225 a lot and not go over 275 because the pain of heavier weights plus higher reps takes away from the ability to push max weights.

Thanks for the info Mr. Roberts.

And thanks to you FightorFlight.