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Rep Increase vs Weight Increase


Hi guys,

My question is related (again;)) to waterburys recommondation on progression-sorry, but I don?t get the point.
Thank you again for the platemates link.

I don??t understand,why it is not possible,or less effektive to increase the reps.

Means: when I am doin 6x6 with 85%of 1rpm and the results are 6 6 6 5 5 4

why it is a bad idea to maintain the weight until I get all reps out and then increasing the weight again.

I read 90% of chads articels and the related questions and posts.

Every posts related to my question,he answered,that it is better to lower the weight and increase the weight about 2,5% each work out.

But where is the difference?
Chad also recommend in some of his programms (think its on the abbh1)rep increases-f.ex 10 sets with 3reps of 80%1rpm,next week 4reps of 80%1rpm etc.

When you get stronger (say it is approx.2,5%)consequently it is possible to get one more rep out,or to increase the weight.

I am asking this question because the second method will be much (!!!) easier in a lot of cases.
(F.ex.when I want steady increases of 2,5% for the fixed dummbbells in my gym,I need 8(!) pair of the little hex plates to accomplish this and a calculator-should be BB so difficult???? It will be much easier to maintain the load untill all reps are done)

I hope anyone can help me out-by the way-these 2,5%increases-are they related to the 1rpm, or the weight I am actually using?
(f.ex:100 kg = 1repmax benching-2,5kilo increase
when I am working with 80% means 80 kg-the increase would be 2kg? What is right?)

I will appreciate again any answer-I like scientific BB,(notice my nick)but when you are sitting in the gym with 40 pairs of tiny weigths ,your EMG detectors and your PC to calculate your workout weight precisely about every shitty gramm then it is getting a bit absurd.
Best regards,


Here is your problem

Your are not doing 6x6 you are doing 6x6,6,6,5,5,4.

Watrebury's programs call for you doing a true amount of reps. 10x3 for example, then adding after that in the form of weigth increase or rep increase.

Does that help.



Thank you Phill for reply.
When the number of reps is that important,is it consequently possible,that f.ex.you lower the weight during the sets to achieve 6x6.
f.ex. 100kg benching: 6 6 6 (now the weight is really heavy so decreasing the weight to 98kg) and the last 3 sets with 6 reps are completed.

You will get stronger anyway,so I thing the increase through weight or reps is possible,even when the reps go down-the next workout you should be stronger anyway...


Science, I think it's perfectly fine to maintain your load on a given exercise until you can complete all prescribed reps; then, increase your load by ~2.5%. I also think it's better to do a rep or two less than prescribed on the last couple of sets rather than reduce the weight. CT talked about this last point in a recent article.



If you want to stick to the reps that are outlined (which I recommend, Chad put thought into the routines he writes, if you go and change the parameters, you aren't doing his routine anymore), you can do what Charles Staley has said in the past, and use a weight that allows all of the reps until you are can do all the sets and feel really fresh. I.e. when you first do 10x3, it may be really hard, but within a couple of workouts with the same weight, it gets pretty easy, easy enough to add weight and not miss the prescribed reps the next time you workout.

Fight well,


Oh yes both can work

I was just clearifying CW's stuff or trying to. More than one way to skin a cat however. yes you could start by being able to hit the reps you staed with the goal being 6x6 and once 6x6 is accheived you progress in weight and begin again.

But also like stated I would follow CW's program as CW's if you want the results of his programs. Its about fresh frequency. So if you canbt do the 10x3 then you started to heavy.

Just my take.



Hi guys,thank you very much for reply!!!!!!!!! It really helped.

So in this case,I thing a modifcation of 10x3 the following way:
12x2 with 80% and rep increases untill you get 12x3 (=36 reps which is the upper limit of his recommondation in his set/rep bible)and then increasing the weight and start again with 12x2-i think this is a good way,isn?t it?

@crowbar do u perhaps have the link to this article-it would be GREAT!

@ all thank you very much for your help and reply!!!


Science, I think the article was "Locked and Loaded" by CT. You can find it in the article library under "Training Programs".



thanx man;)