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Reoccuring Neck


Ok so short back story, this all started when i was doing weighted chin ups, doing a heavy triple, grinding out last rep, and i felt something in my neck/upper/middle trap twinge, pretty painfully, 7/10 on a pain scale. It continued to bug me for 2 weeks, i got massages, took time off from lifting and martial arts, used ice, NSAIDs, and stretched lightly. ever since then i have been having a chronic and re occuring neck crick or strain, but it seems like almost nothing sparks it.
It never hurts when i lift, even heavy deadlifts, weighted chins or power cleans don't bother it, but it will suddenly show up in the morning or even when relaxing, the other day i was taking a shit ( laugh it up lol) and i felt a twinge in my neck, within 5 minutes i couldn't turn my damn head. same thing after a week of not being able to turn my head well, i returned to training, trained for 3 weeks and lo and behold my neck went nuts again while i was at work.

i just want to know if anyone else has had this issue, what they did, what they suggest for me, and possible diagnoses or medical options. It is really disturbing my training, especially martial arts.


Be careful and listen to your neck. I'm saying this from experience. I kept ignoring similar symptoms and would continue with heavy shrugs, etc. Now I have a cervical herniation and am recovering. This has brought on some weakness of arm and shoulder strength due to impegement of the nerves. First and foremost get it checked out by a professional. THen I would work on ice therapy and posture and reduce anything that is putting undue stress on the neck. Hope you get better soon.


I'm no expert though something similar happened to me this summer. It could be your levator scapulae. Look it up on mobilitywod.com and experiment a bit.