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Reoccuring Lower Back Issues


Hey everyone, I'm 17, been lifting properly for 1 and half years, and i have issues with my lower back just starting this March.

Just so you can understand, i know a lot about form, and my lifts are always spot on. How can i say this when i have been only training for a year?
I train with World Master powerlifters, and a strength trainer/bodybuilder at my gym who's huge.

I'm basically under there wing, and they show me lots of stuff, and are always impressed that my form is so good.

Anyways, the guy that trains me who is the bodybuilder/strength trainer, he is a sports massage therapist.

I hurt my back VERY badly in march. It was something that went on for a few months that i ignored. One day after school i put my bag down and BAM! my back was gone. I couldn't move all the next day, and was out for 2 weeks. It was a severe spasm, the chiropractor that looked at it said it was very much so inflamed.

Anyways, it was fine for a while, i would get random pains doing some things at work, then it goes away after day or two.

Randomly today, i was working back and on my last set it just had this weird spasm, and i was in such severe pain i dropped the weight.

My lower back was really intense, and in severe pain. SO i got the guy who helps me out to work on it. Relieved some pressure.

But why does this happen? my parents went off and may cancel my gym membership cause they think i'm doing it wrong. I know i'm not. The guy who trains/helps me out was watching me and said i was fine during the lift.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!! I am pissed beyond belief..


why don't you ask the guys who know your form is spot on?

and... maybe have a think about whether you use your spot on form for movements OUTSIDE the gym. e.g., if you know how to hold your lumbar arch correctly for dead-lifts do you make sure you replicate this movement when you bend down to tie your shoe???


I do my best outside the gym to use proper body mechanics when im at work, or do anything. I try and sit with proper body posture, etc.

My pain right now went away a lot, but currently it still hurts in my lower back even when i sit. When i lay down it is relieved. However, when i bend over to touch my body there is a lot of stress on it, and my back hurts. I'm not to sure if its a muscle or not.

Reason i tried to emphasize my form is good is because i'm new to these forums. I wanted to save a few posts about asking whether i use proper form on lifts.

I think one of my back problems though comes around my hips being not as flexible as they could be.