Renzo Gracie is Now in UFC

I’m not a big believer in Matt Hughes any longer. He refuses to train striking with a competent boxing trainer. He’s also not been trainin with world class grapplers on a regular basis, he opts instead to train with his twin brother and a few friends in a local gym. It’s almost like he’s trying NOT to be competitive with the worlds best. The days of Hughes even being considered championship material are long gone and are not coming back. But, he’ll beat Renzo Gracie senseless.

If Renzo fights hughes I’m taking Renzo.

Hughes doesn’t have the heart to fight anymore. He just wants the pay check.

Renzo LOVES what he does.

Renzo will beat Hughes, my guess would be by Guillotine.

Renzo wants to fight Hughes? ARE YOU KIDIDNG ME?

I mean fuck…this is worse than Ortiz Shamrock MCVIII.

Hughes by total fucking domination.

I hope Renzo passes the drug test. Fucking bring this fight on!

Which is sort of a funny position for me…given I’m training at a Gracis school… :slight_smile:

Valor, have you ever seen Renzo fight?

Hopefully Renzo just watches the tape of how Hughes beat Joyce Gracie and will stand a much better chance.

Hughes beat Joyce because Hughes was just as good on the ground and much stronger. Renzo will need to be stronger than Hughes - not likely.

Renzo by RNC rd 3.

If I have to pick who will win the fight I am going with Hughes.

My money is on Renzo…I am not a Renzo fan by any means…I will enjoy watching Hughes get his f’ing ass kicked!!!

[quote]Cockney Blue wrote:
Valor, have you ever seen Renzo fight?[/quote]

No never. Not once. In fact…I was born yesterday. Or last night… ya ya…last night.

Since 2000:

Win Frank Shamrock DQ (Knees to the Head on the Ground) EliteXC - Destiny 2/10/2007 2 2:00
Win Carlos Newton Decision (Split) IFL - Championship Final 12/29/2006 3 4:00
Win Pat Miletich Submission (Guillotine Choke) IFL - Gracie vs. Miletich 9/23/2006 1 3:37
Loss B.J. Penn Decision (Unanimous) K-1 - World Grand Prix Hawaii 7/29/2005 3 5:00
Loss Carlos Newton Decision (Split) PRIDE - Bushido 1 10/5/2003 2 5:00
Loss Shungo Oyama Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 21 - Demolition 6/23/2002 3 5:00
Win Michiyoshi Ohara Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 17 - Championship Chaos 11/3/2001 3 5:00
Loss Dan Henderson KO (Punch) PRIDE 13 - Collision Course 3/25/2001 1 1:40
Loss Kazushi Sakuraba Technical Submission (Kimura) PRIDE 10 - Return of the Warriors 8/27/2000 2 9:43
Loss Kiyoshi Tamura Decision (Unanimous) Rings - King of Kings 1999 Final 2/26/2000 2 5:00

Not exactly the stuff of legends.

Beating five UFC champs isn’t impressive two of them heavyweights? Well shit he sucks then. Who cares if its since 2000 it’s not like him or Hughes are going to make a title run.

An even better signing was Manhoef to Strikeforce CUNG LE vs. MANHOEF anyone.

good. hope that renzo can make weight…last time i saw him it looked like he’d been enjoying his layoff a little too much. he’ll beat hughes any day of the fucking week.

[quote]drewh wrote:
An even better signing was Manhoef to Strikeforce CUNG LE vs. MANHOEF anyone.[/quote]

manhoef would rape cung le

[quote]slimjim wrote:
good. hope that renzo can make weight…last time i saw him it looked like he’d been enjoying his layoff a little too much. he’ll beat hughes any day of the fucking week.[/quote]

I roll at Renzo’ from time to time and the guy is a genius, but Ill agree with slimjim
in that I dont think he can get to 170, its likely he’ll train with Almedia and go to
to his S&C guy at Parisi, but Im not sure I really can see Renzo training like that.

Renzo and Rooney are friends and I’m positive he’s conditioned with him before, he’s even cornered him.

I like Renzo, don’t get me wrong. I also respect the Gracies on many levels. The problem for Renzo is five fold:

  1. He’s fighting at a weight that he has not made in a long time, sucking down will cause him to lose strength, speed and stamina. These are three things that I believe Hughes still has in spades.

  2. The fight will go where Hughes wants it to go and when Hughes wants it to go there.

  3. Hughes can be beaten now by better wrestlers ala takedowns and control, Renzo isn’t one of them.

  4. Hughes weakest point is his striking and Renzo is not a great striker so there is no threat to Hughes on that front.

  5. Age has caught up to Renzo and it’s obvious in his last few fights. It will become more obvious as he tries to suck down to make weight, it’s too much for him.

Someone tell me how a guy who controlled BJ Penn on the ground is going to lose to 42 year old Renzo Gracie? Most people don’t realize that Matt Hughes is no longer a contender because the game passed him by. The old ground and pound won’t work on those who became better wrestlers and could also use their hands (GSP, Alves, Koscheck), not because of age. I don’t think he’s lost anything at age 36. I like both fighters but throwing Renzo in at 170 pounds is a perfect fight for Matt Hughes. Dana must like him or he’s lucky. I just don’t see how Renzo wins this, um, lucky submission maybe, but it will have to be just that, luck, and I don’t see it happening. I’m not saying it’s impossible for Renzo to go 3 rounds with Hughes, he might go the distance, but winning? No.