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Renting Movies on Xbox Live


I'm not talking about Netflix through Xbox live, that brilliantly buffers WHILE you watch. Love it.

Just saw that you can watch Burn After Reading in HD for about $6. 4.4GB download. Thought great! don't have to go anywhere, just start it up and watch.


13% complete of the download... Probably will take about 2 hours to download. THEN I can watch it. What a waste of time/money.

It's cheaper at blockbuster and takes less time to get.

I can't believe this.

What's more, you can't do shit on it while it's downloading. If you open up netflix to watch something else, it pauses the download.

For the record, I have 3Mb down, 512 up. Not awesome, but the best I can get at my apartment.

Never doing this again...


Your upload speed is almost 10 time my download speed =_=" be happy.


[quote]Video Trick Modes. While a video is downloading, progress is measured in the info pane. You can begin watching your movie while it's still downloading from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The controls allow you to pause, fast-forward, rewind, skip forward and back, and even bookmark a place to resume watching. Select Resume to begin playing where you left off and Play to start watching from the beginning. For more information about playback options, see Video Playback FAQ.[quote]



I don't know dude. I've bought a couple of shows off of LIVE and I've had no problems as far as connectivity is concerned. You might want to try early in the morning, or other times when people aren't on.