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Renting Go-Go Dancers?

I am looking to rent go-go dancers (like the ones in dance clubs, not strippers) for a party. Has anyone done something like this before? I have searched the internet and I haven’t come up with anything. I figure someone has seen this happen because it seems like a pretty cool thing to have at a big party.

Rent strippers and just explain what you want. Chances are it’ll be for less money than they usually make but it’ll also be less “work”… unless someone wants to pony up in the back room.

I have some freinds who dance at clubs in philly, they dance in a hip hop group and they do that kind of thing at clubs all the time. I asked her one time if they would do parties and she said they had done a few big parties, so try talking to a dance studio witha hip hop group.

Look up “escort” in the yellow pages, or just go to a strip club and ask a girl if she does bachelor parties. There’s a good chance she or one of her friends will be down, just be sure to take pics and post 'em! ;]

a friend ofm ine used to do that. Everyone in her club started out as strippers and thel onger you were there and the better you got, the less you stripped and the more you danced at parties and stuff - clothed or not.

Check strip clubs.


it’s called hiring, last I checked.

I’d say go with strippers too. They’ll do what go go dancers do if that’s all you’re after. They’ll also dance for free if you have the right drugs.

Just get some whores.

You seem to want to keep it kind of classy so I would look for better looking strippers/escorts/private dancers who can actually dance, or real club girls. Some of those shady “escort/private strippers” can be pretty skanky and they’ll probably just drink all your alchohol and make people sick.

Why don’t you ask in the local clubs?

Can I come to your party?

Try craigslist. Just put an ad up for EXACTLY what you’re looking for. You’ll probably get quite a few responses.