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Reno, Nevada TRT Doctor?

Anyone know of a trt doctor in reno nevada ?
Current doctor is ok with my low t test results.
100mg a week
T total 325 nl/
Im dying

It sounds like you’re waiting the TRT to work, it takes time for that to happen often months.

No i have been on trt for 4 years and all the doctors here are retards .
Do u have information for me ?

I hate to say it but it must be said, any doctor who is good at what he does can demand a bit more for his time, therefore I don’t see excellent doctors choosing to practice medicine in Reno Nevada. There’s little opportunity in Reno, which is why most as you say it only retards exist here. It’s simple economics, most of the good doctors populate near the big cities.

Wow thanks for waisting my time .
are u even on trt
If so who is doctor and does he actually know what he is doing.
2nd question do you even live in reno nevada .

Good luck getting anyone to listen or any doctor to give a shit with that attitude.

There’s always Defy Medical, they know what their doing and you don’t even need to go to them. They exist for the reason I mentioned. Yes I’m on TRT and have found out the same way you have that most doctors are clueless when it comes to male hormones. Those who live outside big cities are at a disadvantage, good doctors become more scarce. It was never my intention to offend you.