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Reno Bound


I'm moving to Reno, NV in December, anyone know of any good gyms to check out? Looking for something as dungeon-like and hardcore as possible.


Not familiar with Reno gyms but if you ever come up to South Lake Tahoe come check out Push Fitness. It's about as hard-core as it gets up here. I'm the tall guy rockin' the T-Nation shirts.


I live in Reno, and there are less than a handful of gyms here. I have gone through all the listings in the phone book, and I have gone door to door checking them out. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a "hardcore" gym here. Let me know when you get here; we will have to go lift together.



Found a great gym in Reno. American Iron, on South Rock Blvd, accross the street from the airport. I've been to gyms all around the country, this is one of the better ones, well suited for PL and Olympic stuff.


Yeah! I just became a member there right after I messaged you that I couldn't find a hardcore gym. There is a guy, that works out there, by the name of Chad Aiches who is one of the strongest guys in the world of power lifting. He benches 800+ lbs and squats 1100+. I am very glad to be a part of this gym. We should meet up. I workout in the morning around 7:00am mon-wed-fri.



i recently moved to reno ,is american iron still in buisness????


Say Hi to Dangle, Junior, Jones and Garcia for me.


hahahahahhahah i love that show.


You bet it is.