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Renne Toney


SHE ISNT A MAN AT ALL. She has 2 children and just got married to a billionaire in France. Her two girls live in Florida with their father. Renne took time off to care for them and her ailing family member. I heard she is now into acting and will be in a epic movie soon.




Hey OP

You suck




It's not who you are underneath....it's what you do that defines you.


and now I can go on with my day.... :slight_smile:




lol @ youtube not censoring a video of a topless woman. After a certain point you cease to be a woman, regardless of your (disgustingly mutated) genitals.


I heard this is Kai Greene younger brother.


damn - can't see the vid.

I was just bi curious, oh well.


lol @ youtube not censoring a video of a topless woman. After a certain point you cease to be a woman

I thought that, too. And this site has a policy on that as well.

I see that it has been removed now...

But that was pretty interesting, yeah.

Re: The disgusting mutated genitals thing... Don't weird changes happen to guys, too, sometimes, with their cycles. I thought I'd heard that (but maybe I'm wrong). People don't seem to make comments about that quite so often...


Like what? Guys are already guys. Short of increased hair growth and very few cases of people saying their voice got a little deeper, any "physical negatives" would be related to estrogenic effects.


If you're talking about testicular atrophy (shrinking balls), yes that happens, but they come back afterwards and you can prevent them from shrinking in the first place with HCG. I'm not aware of any other kinds of mutations.


Probably should include gyno (I've heard of dudes lactating casually) ... based on my knowledge the long term effects on women seem to be permanent and I've wondered why. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


She could use some gyno.


Male genitals do not become mutated from using male hormones. Transient testicular atrophy occurs but even that is easily preventable. Learning how drugs work from Kattt Williams stand up is not the way to go


My grossly undereducated guess is because all humans start out as female (basically). Virilization (is this a word?) begins in utero and finishes during puberty for normal males. Normal females are exposed to far less male hormones (DHT, and secondarily Testosterone) so they never develop male characteristics. Virilization is a one way street.

Mind you, all figure competitors at the pro level and high amateur level are using anabolic steroids. Very low doses obviously. Side effects can easily be mitigated save for the few unfortunate women with extremely low thresholds.



I really don't know anything about this (as I'm sure people figured already) but liking the opportunity to learn.

I'm not sure about this. I think that is like saying all humans were descended from apes (basically).

But that isn't true. It is rather that humans and apes share a common ancestor (which is not a current day ape anymore than it is a current day human).

Both males and females go through puberty... I guess I think of a man and a woman as being post-pubescent. Pre puberty there is much less differentiation between boys and girls... But I'm not sure that a prepubescent child resembles an adult woman anymore than an adult man.

Men's hormonal profile changes as they hit puberty to be sure (including increased T levels). But women's hormonal profile also changes as they hit puberty and become fertile.

If an adult male is exposed to high levels of estrogen are the effects permanent?


I think Renne Tonney's physique development is amazing, btw. With or without steroids that is freaking amazing!!

Sure she doesn't have much in the way of breasts... But most women know that when your bodyfat levels get a low that is indeed what happens...

I thought she looked feminine in the face for what it is worth... Gotta respect the hard work and dedication that went into building that body.


He's not saying male and female babies are the same. He said in utero (in the womb).

In the womb, male and female fetuses are pretty much identical from the start. 6 weeks in, the important stages of differentiation occur. If the SRY gene (usually found on the Y chromosome, but it can be translocated to an X chromosome in rare cases) is expressed, the fetus will grow balls, if not, it will grow ovaries.

If the fetus grows testicles, DHT will be secreted and the external genitalia (which up til this point look exactly the same for boys and girls) will assume the male form. If they don't make DHT (because the fetus is a girl or because there's a 5 alpha reductase deficiency), the fetus will look like a female.

Diseases like congenital adrenal hyperplasia can make a female producing excessive amounts of androgens get virilized genitals as well.