Renewed, but Not a Beginner

My story is basically the usually jock turned office manager turned fat pig and trying to fix the situation. I played college hockey and was very focused on working out. From there I moved to a very physical job and stayed in decent, but not great shape. Then about 5 years ago i got promoted to a desk job and the wheels feel off. I ballooned for 245 to about 320.

So in 2008 I decided enough was enough and started to get back on track. From January to June I focused purely on weight lose. I based my workout on heavy cardio, very reduced calorie diet, and light weight workouts. The end results are that I dropped from 320 to about 255.

I then was basically forced to take July through September off due to a knee issue, but kept the weight of. In early October I started back up and switched from a cardio focused exercise program to more of a muscle development phase while reducing cardio to a 5-6 times a week routine.

My strength has increased and I have lost another 15 pounds, but I have seemed to hit an plateau. I have been discussing this situation with a national level bodybuilder and she noted that my calorie intake is still to low, so that is something I need to work on.

I am also wondering if supplements may help with my calorie and protein intake. Do you guys have any suggestion on supplements that actually work? She suggested a protein shake and Nitric oxide stimulator, but I am weary of spending the cash for junk.

Current Basic Routine
Day One;
Bench Press
Set 1-200 for 15
sets 2-4-210 for 12
Declined Bench press
sets 1-3-200 for 12
Dumbell flys
sets 1-3-70 pounds per side for 12-15
Military press
Set 1-180 pounds for 15
sets 2-4-200 pounds for 10-12
Standing trap rows
sets 1-3-180 pounds for 15
Shoulder rises
sets 1-3-210 pounds for 20
Jogging for 30 minutes-4%grade-5-5.5mph

Day two;
Seated row
sets 1-4-200 for 12
Lat pulldowns
sets 1-3-210 pounds for 15 and very slow
Tricep pulldowns
sets 1-3-140 pounds for 12
Nose Breakers dumbell alternating arms
sets 1-3-70 pounds for 10-12
Standing dumbell curls
sets 1-3-alternating arms-60-70 pounds for 10
Concentration Curls
sets 1-3-alternating arms-60 pounds-rep to failure
interval jogging for 30 minutes alternating grades and mph

Day Three
Torso twist alternating sides
sets 1-3-90 pounds for 20
weighted crunch machine
sets1-3-180 pounds for 50
running at 5.5 MPH for 45 minutes

Day Four
Walking at 3.5-3.8 mph at minimum 5% grade while alternating biceps curls, triceps hammer backs, and front lateral raises to the walking pace for two minute intervals.

Then I usually start all over. Depending on schedule I sometimes drop a cardio workout (kids…lol). I work out on a bowflex (I know…not the real thing) so the weights may not match up to true dead weights, but I would say they are close. I am 6’ 4" and have always been bigger than most men so being at 240 currently is not all that bad. You may have also noticed that there is no leg workout, but I take it easy on leg work outs due to the knee issue.

Just looking for some help getting this older body back into building mode.