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ReNew Man

Has any done (is doing)? Which program? Would/would not recommend?

Please discuss.


I have been going to the gym about a year. I have been lifting smarter for about 6 months mostly due to what I read on this site. The program I was doing up until about 3 weeks ago was the 5X5 at 85-90% 1RM. I would have to go back and check my logs to give you specific gains.

I was really weak before, now I am not so weak. A long way from strong though. I am doing 70 DB flat bench(5X6), 60 DB overhead and inclined press(5X6), 190 seated row(6X4)along with pull ups or pull downs, and a very weak 225 back squat(6X4),(seriously working on improving this).I also do some deads and hacks for legs. I saw some, what I think, pretty good improvements considering I average about 2 days a week at the gym. At first it was difficult getting all the 5X5 @ 90%. But I continued until I could get 5X6 in each exercise then increased weight.
I may not be a good candidate as I am so new to this.

I have recently changed to a 25 rep @6rm scheme. So far feels good. Have added more leg work as I am REALLY weak in the leg department. Hope I helped some.

I’ve been doing a little bit of reading on it. Mostly what I find online. I’m not a candidate for the treatment, but one never knows what the future holds.

I guess I’m looking at it as a place to start as far as getting the blood tests to get a baseline of what the “T” levels and other stuff looks like.

I’ve been going through Renewman. I’m pretty pleased, but it is expensive and my insurance will not cover the costs. I’m injecting Test E and HCG twice a week and also adex and thyroid. I’m paying about $300 a month out of pocket for the prescriptions, not including what I pay for the doctor visits and testing.


What is the procedure for using them? Does your doctor take care of all the scripts? Do they work directly with your doctor? Can you do the program without a Primary Care Physician?

I am using a physician from their network and all the the scripts and labs are handled by them, not the doctor. Everything is sent fedex from a compounding pharmacy. No doubt this is how they make money. Of course you can send everything in to your health insurance and pay out of network charges. You don’t get the scripts handed to you so you can’t just take them down to the local Walgreen’s. Its somewhat of a racket but I’m getting what I want out of the doc.