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Hey this guy is the man, Coach Davies, you are truly the man. Now with regard to your training, unfortunately I dont have access to logs, or stuff like that, and I want to get bigger, stronger and faster. And I know God bless you with the ability to help me with this. I want to be able run fast, and bench the big numbers, can you supply me with a routine where I can not use the logs and stuff like that because i have no access, and supply me with a workout that I can get bigger, get my bench and squat up and improve my speed.
Thank you, and also i dont understand the rounds and jump rope thing, if you can I would love you to break it down sir.

I salute you!

I am humbled by your comments - but I am not “the man”, I am merely a old coach, who is more than willing to share the approach that has worked for my athletes. As you may have gathered, I tend to train my athletes pretty hard but as I need to remind people there is a long term goal in mind. It seems like you’ve got some pretty solid goals. Hopefully, I can be of help, but first if you could breakdown your goals more for me. It seems your motives might be more sport related and I want to ensure I pass on the best information possible. As far as the use of “non-conforming objects”, give some additional consideration of what you may have available. With regards to the rope work, I utilize it a great deal in the early phases of training. I start a roughly 3 minute rounds of rope skip with 1 minute breaks that involve some sort of activity. As conditioning levels improve the skip duration increases and the breaks disapate. We can discuss that more, when you have a chance to get back me. Please give me some idea of what you have been training like in the past and if you are involved in any particluar sport.
In faith,
Coach Davies

Hello coach davies. First off I want to thank you for responding to my message. As far as my goals are concern, I would love to run from a about a 5.0 to 4.7, losing anywhere from 2 tenths or 3 tenths of a second on my 40 yard dash. As far as my bench press goes coach, I would love to go ahead and increase from my 225 to 300, and I’m willing to go ahead and put in the effort that is necessary to go ahead and do what I need to do. I’m gonna be heading to my senior year of high school football, and know the key to playing like an all star is to train like one. And I know you have the tools to help me. I wish you can like tell me the exercises, and reps and sets I should perform. Thanks alot coach. Currently I’m doing like push presses, bench press, bicep curls, stiff leg deadlifts, squat,
tricep pushdowns. Doing like 4 sets of 6 on the bench and squat and 4 sets of 10 on the others. Hope to hear from you soon.

Ahh, so you’re a ball player. Now this is a good start, but I do need more - First tell me what you’ve been doing outside the weight room in your sprints and agility sessions. Let me know, when you can - the old coach is awaiting. In faith, Coach Davies

you rock. Here’s the deal, I’ve been incorporating some of your olympic stuff with westside method. Specifically, snatches before lower body max effort, and power cleans before lower body dynamic effort days. How’s that sound? I’ve also been interested in adding in some minimal hypertrophy protocol training. Do you think I would overtrain with this? Thanks for your time.

Action - you’ve got to give me a little more info - but you really wern’t asking me about overtraining were you? In faith, Coach Davies

Hey coach, thanks for replying. As far as for what I do outside the weight room, I mostly go ahead and run 20s and 10s, do cut 150s, for agility I run with high knees, shuffle, backward pedal. I would love coach if you go ahead and email me the program or workouts you may want to send, i would truly appreciate it.
My email address is [NOT ALLOWED ON FORUM-MOD]