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Hey guys, just a few questions regarding GPP. Is it ok to perform the jumprope, hip mobility and agility portions of the renegade program in the morning, and then do linear speed, strength/power and weighted GPP in the afternoon? I am a full time student and it is hard to have a three-hour workout at one time without splitting it. Another question is does anyone have any ideas about some other forms of weighted GPP? I already use a wheelbarrow and a sled, and I plan on getting a sledgehammer for xmas. thanks

That’s how I break up the Renegade shot put program. I do the agililty/sprints/jrope and kbell section in the am before class. Then in after class I do the weight and gpp sections.

Exactly how I’m doing the Renegade b-ball program.

I would recommend doing some type of warm-up prior to our strength/power workouts. These are with weigths correct? I would also assume this isn’t the schedule for everyday right? As you mentioned, sledgehammer is another form of weighted GPP you could add. You might also try medicine balls.

Coach Davies and others have said it’s okay to break up the workouts and perform the kbell and rope work at a separate time from the weights and speed/agility work. I am doing everything at one time and my workouts do not exceed two hours. In fact, they are typically in the one and one-half hour to one and three-quarter hour range including warm-up, workout and post-workout stretching. Other forms of weighted GPP include farmer’s walks and wood chopping. I’m sure you can make up other forms of weighted GPP as well. Contact Coach Davies for some ideas!

The reason why my workouts take awhile is that I have to drive to the track and back for sprints. I was under the impression that k-bell work was in the stength/power section of Davie’s protocol? I do not have a kettelbell yet(can’t wait until x-mas) but I do use dumbells for snatches, swings, and clean and jerks. Should I do these in the morning? Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, have any renegades used mag-10, tribex or any of the other biotest supplements(other than GROW! and surge)? And if so, did they use them any differently, i.e. cycling different, different serving sizes? thanks

If you train early enough in the morning, you can just mark up a parking lot and do your sprints there. Renegadetraining.com has some testimonials… I think the English football player used Mag10 and had tremendous results.