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Renegades/shoulder development

Hello renegades! This type of training has improved my shoulder development greatly.
What have your results been as far as shoulder development is concerned?

Outstanding, I noticed in some recent photos how much bigger and thicker I look through the shoulders and traps! In faith also - Matt Slaymaker

I too am noticing an improvement in my shoulders. I’m not ready to say I’ve made a huge difference, but it is definitely noticeable!

Renegade training works the shoulders wonderfully … you experience full ROM, flexibility, work from different angles, and different intensities. My increase in strength has been startling, especially since mainstream mentality tells you that high-rep work is more for endurance than strength. Train like an athlete – become an athlete. My shoulders have never felt better. Additionally, most of these movements require the body to work as one … so your shoulders are being helped from core strength, stablizers, as well as the added strength. Keep working.

When I put everything I have into one arm snatches my delts and traps are just screaming the next day. What a great lift! I want to thank coach Davies for all the great info he has given us so far! Training sure is “fun” these days!

Wow - this is all great news. Glad to hear of each of your success and that you are finding training fun. Thank you for giving the opportunity to help. In faith, Coach Davies