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Renegade's NEW BOOK?????????

I demand to know when and where I will be able to get my hands on Coach Davies’ Book. What is the hold up? I have gains to make damn it.

Can hardly wait myself to get it out and it shouldnt be very much longer. There is an extensive amount of work and photo’s of training in the book that has never been released outside of my private clients. Everything is complete now and it is the production stage. Email directly and I will make sure you are on the list for the release. In faith, Coach Davies

I heard that Pavel and Renegade were working on some totally underground shit right now. What’s up with that? I also heard that Pavel had challenged Renegade to a kettle bell competition for charity or something. I would love to see that.

Will minors be able to purchase the book without an adult?

I want to see the bibliography. I’d bet any money it doesn’t reference anything published after 1960. :slight_smile:

Drax - you know me too well. Although isn’t 1960 getting on the late side (just kidding). As far as Pavel and doing some work together - we have done some combative stuff that has not only been great training but attracted quite a crowd. We will talk about some of our findings real soon. In faith, Coach Davies

Hey Coach, sounds like this will be quite a great training reference. Id love to get me hands on a copy when it comes out. Could you throw my name onto that list to, Im sure it will be well worth the cost!