Renegade's Natural Hypertrophy

Hey Guys,
First of all I’m new. Second this program may seem very basic but… I have finally recovered from a bad car crash 2 years ago and have worked my butt off to rehab myself to a point where I can actually start training beyond the corrective stuff although my left knee is still not quite there so my leg progress may suffer. I hope this log will help to keep me motivated so long as I have some of you guys making comments along the way.

Here are my stats:
5’7 148lbs 6% BF (before crash 170 - 175lbs 9% BF)
28 years old
Goal for summer - 160lbs 8-9% BF ( i realize i will put on some fat while putting on muscle)

Using Berardi’s stuff. because I have a hard time eating lots my plan is to progressively eat more each week.
week 1: 2800kcals
Week 2: 3000kcals
Week 3: 3200kcals
week 4: 3400kcal then re-evaluate progress in week 6.

Supplements for a poor guy like me:
Genuine health proteins + whey
Creatine (if you know of any good one I can pick up from GNC or anything let me know. I fear poor quality in many brands.)

Here is the workouts I will be doing using a concept from Chad Waterbery aiming for a total amount of reps and letting the sets take care of themselves.
Full Body workouts 3xweek on my off days I will still be working on my mobility. I actually got an awsome DVD by Eric Cressey and Mike Roberstson called magnificant Mobility.

Heavy Days 15reps @ 4-5RM Resting 90seconds after every set
Medium days 30rep @ 6-8RM resting 60seconds after every exercise. Supersetting exercises
Light days 45reps @ 10-11RM resting 60seconds after every set

I alternate each week the days that are heavy medium and light so 4 weeks would look like this
HxMxLxx MxLxHxx LxHxMxx HxMxLxx

Day 1:
Wide Pull ups
BB Push Press
DB lateral raises
Cable Rope Tricep Press or curl bar skull crushers

Day 2:
BB Back Squat
Seated Cable Rows narrow grip
DB Chest Press
DB Bicep Curls
Standing Cable Crunch

Day 3:
Bulgarian Split Squats
TRX Feet elevated Bodyrow (inverted row)
DB Inclined Bench Press
Hyper extensions (corrective only right now so 2-3 sets of 10 bodyweight only)
Standing Calf press

I can take constructive critisism, tips, motivation so I hope some of you will post something. Thanks, I plan to post weekly at minimum.

Monday -Heavy Day


BB RDL @ 135lbs 7-5-3 = 15reps
Pull Ups @ 10lbs 5-4-4-2 = 15reps
BB Push Press @100;bs 6-4-3-2 = 15reps
DB Lateral raises @ 15lbs 3x8-10reps
Cable Rope Tricep Press @120lbs 5-5-4-1 = 15reps

Felt pretty good for the first workout. I should have warmed up with a few more sets first.
I can probably do A LOT more weight on the RDL but I don’ want to strain my lower back right now so that exercise will progress every week slowly so when it really gets hard my back will be in better condition for it. I’ll see how my medium workout goes in a few hours.

Wednesday march 17 - Medium Day


BB Back Squat @ 115lbs 12-10-8 = 30 (too easy)
Cable Rows @ 120lbs 11-9-8-2 = 30
DB Chest Press @ 55lbs 10-9-7-4 = 30
DB Bicep Curls @ 30lbs 13-10-7 = 3- (felt easy on the first set then suddenly got really hard)
Standing Cable Crunch @ 100lbs 9-10-7-4 = 30

Felt pretty good, strong in the beginning of the workout then I tired out fairly quickly. I hope that will change as I train more.

Friday March 19 - Light Day

Calories (Thus far it’s just before dinner 2350)

Bulgarian Split Squats @ 20lbs DB’s 16-12-10-7 = 45
TRX Bodyrows @ bodyweight 12-8-10-10-5 = 45
DB Inclined Bench Press @ 40lbs DB’s 15-15-12-3 = 45 (WAYYYY TOO LIGHT)
Hyper Extensions 2 sets of 10
Calf Press Machine @ 325lbs 12-10-10-9-4 = 45

Can totally do more on the Press and should probably do 25lbs on the Split Squat.

Now to go eat my Prime Rib sweet potato asparagus and a side salad with olive oil dressing. MMMM

OOPs i’ve been very bad at logging online, but I’m happy to say it’s because i’ve spent so much time eating sleeping and working out.

Do date I have gained 4lbs already and I’m eating about 3200calories a day, I was so hungry last weekend I ate 4000cals on Friday and 3700 on Saturday. AWSOME!!