Renegade workout indoors

Does anyone do this stuff indoors? I have a rather small Condo I live in now. I went from a large house I was renting and I am finding it difficult to perform some of the drills indoors. Like rolls, sprints etc. Any suggestions welcome. It will be winter here soon and I will not be able to do the sprints outside. Can it be subed with rope work? Peace, Knuckle

I think that an increase in GPP and Rope work can sub for sprints, not replace but sub. I just roll down the hallway or roll 1x to a jump, turn 180 degrees and repeat.

Do you no available room for the Tumbling movements? Let me know and I will try to be of help.

In faith,

Coach Davies

There are many Renegade workouts that can be done indoors or just outside your house/apt/condo. I do my active rest days in the hallway outside my door (kbell/rope work), I do medicine ball work against the garage walls, I do sled drags in the grass out back, and I do sprints in the parking lot out front. You can do towel chins off anything available (tree limbs, stair cases, swing set, etc). You can do unweighted GPP anywhere, kbell work indoors or outdoors and a variety of other things (tumbling, agility work, etc.). The only thing you may not be able to do (depending on equipment available and space) are your actual weight workouts!

Renegades think outside the box.