Renegade training

Thanks for the quick response Coach! I appreciate you rendering your time and expertise on this forum. My goals are mostly to be able to perform everyday tasks (for me) such as picking up and carrying furniture type stuff. I know that’s vague but mostly odd objects. Also, when I say improved general athleticism I’m referring to vertical & broad jump,sprinting, reaction time, strength in general for punching/wrestling fighting. When starting out with overhead squats, snatches, cleans would I be better off starting out light and lifting explosively and then worrying about the weight I use? Most of the lifts I can do or figure out but most of my confusion lies in how do I split up exercises for days of the week. Also, how can I fit in rest days? For example do I do non-weighted GPP before the 9 most functional exercises or should I split up the 9 exercises into 2 or 3 days? Basically, I understand the exercises themselves just coming from a bodybuilding point of view: Monday legs, Tuesday Chest, etc. how do I suggest I split?

Always concern yourself with form - the substance of your training is the force you are implying on the weight. The bodybuilding split you are describing isnt quite applicable to what I have posted as I have been using multiple joint movements that are best considered split within pushing & pulling movments. There is a considerable amount of additional detail in the program formation but I hope it helps. I do have a special training program that is to be published (I think) next week in TMag. However, if I can help - you do know to just ask. In faith, Coach Davies