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Renegade Training

Yes thats right i have finally been consistent and my results are amazing so far. Im getting in better shape endurance wise, im about 6-7 and right now im moving all over the place, im liking how my feet are moving they feel smoother. Also the best part is the mentallity im developing i go to sleep every damm day knowing not 1 person worked harder than me, also my legs feel so more flexible even in little things such as walking. I checked my vertical leap i got 3 inches higher on thrusday. But i went on Friday and i was playing basketball and i couldnt even dunk with 2 hands i mean im usually doing that in my sleep, could it have been becuase of the fatigue from thursdays workout im not used to all this workload and thursday i did ropework, lower body lifting, big circuit. What can i do to improve my recovery becuase im not liking my vert the way it is. When i checked it thursday though, i felt so much lighter and my shoulders have never been so fast in jumping i was explosive for the first time in my life. But Yesterday playing i felt so slugish. I am really exited about some of the gains i seen and i got 12 more weeks of renegade work to go, No lie my jumpshot has gotten atleast 50% better and i havent really been working on i just feel so much more fluid and comfortable with my body i guess i feel more coordinated. I just wanna say thanks to all the guys that have been giving me advice, becuase i used to ask the same questions over and over and i never took your advice now i took it and im enjoying the progress thanks alot tmag

Hey Future,

Yea Coach D’s stuff is hard to beat.

Regarding your inability to dunk that day, it could be from fatigue from the previous day. But on wednesday or thursday did you do any Plyometrics? That will hamper your jump for a day or two at least.

Peace out from a fellow Renegade,

As a matter of fact i did do some plyometrics, i did 2x10 box jumps and 2x10 depth drops not jumps just the drop, i was playing today my jump is still a bit slugish, but my jumpshot is improving so much its just scary.

Hey Future,

I’d say it was the plyo’s then that have affected your Vert. I don’t know what to do to increase recovery from plyos, it just takes time…they are demanding.


If your training is optimal your vert should increase or at least stay where it is. I have used Davies’ stuff with my student athletes and in my own training and it is superb for getting you fit and lean and increasing athletic ability, but I have discovered that some athletes find it too demanding and really struggle with recovery. We are all individuals and some of us may need more down time. If you aren’t prepared to slightly cut down your training, research as much as you can on recovery such as contrast showers and icing to help you.