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renegade training

this is for coach john davies if he reads this but any one else feel free to add comments, i need convinced why i should try renegade training for football i am a reciever at a divison 2 football program a very good program at that and i have to follow up a 1000 yard reciever i need a program for the off season that is going to put me WAY ABOVE the rest, i thought about renegade training but not totally convienced, i usually train westside but its not totally football specific, at any rate convince me!

Did you look at renegadetraining by any chance?

Renegade Training is all about desire, either you have it or you don’t. The things I desire in life don’t take convincing from others. Good luck.

One of my coaches, an ex-USMC captain told me never let the what if’s determine what you can do. I’m willing to bet that if you didn’t do RT than you would be asking what if. Personally I love it but it’s your choice.

Ultimately the choice is going to be up to you, but as far as sport specific programs go RT is the top of the mountain. Even the Renegade Bodybuilding program had more athletic appeal than most of the sport specific programs I’ve seen.

I think there are several ways of analyzing this. This may open up some serious debate, but heck, it will be fun!

First, in the ranks at which you are playing, how many programs are using a Westside method? Probably not many. Are there components of the Westside method being used? Absolutely.

Next, let’s look at what the Westside method neglects, specific to football. Note: I don’t have a problem for Westside for the purpose of powerlifting - but you aren’t powerlifting! Westside neglects: flexibility training, hip mobility training, agility training, proprioception training, and sprint training (receiver, right?). Renegade training: includes all of the above. BOTH Renegade and Westside include GPP, which is a very important part of both programs. However, the GPP for Renegade training can be designed specifically for football.

Finally, Westside training does not develop the mental characteristics that you need to succeed as well as Renegade training. I’m not saying Westside can’t be beneficial mentally or that it isn’t tough. I’m just saying that Renegade training is tougher. If you think this isn’t an issue, I worry about your chances for the future in this sport.

In conclusion, if you want to walk in at training camp and laugh at everyone else sucking wind: Renegade training. If, during the season, you want to be faster and cut harder because of your increased flexiblity and hip mobility: Renegade training. If you want to be mentally stronger than 99% of your teammates and opponents: Renegade training. If you don’t want to put in the work necessary to become a Renegade: stay off the field and let someone who wants to win show you what you could have been.


Works great for me, from the beginning until the end I will practice renegade style.

I would advise you to first determine what areas you need to improve upon the most and then take a look at renegade training and determine if it is what you need. Only you can make that determination. Obviously if your football skills are weak but your athletic and conditioning skills aren’t then you’d be better off applying that time towards practicing your skills and vice/versa.

Chris said it perfectly. You need to incorporate more training that carries over to your football into your program and a Renegade program could do that for you. Westside is good but not specific for football. You can still use Westside methods but I would highly suggest sprint & agility work, GPP, static & dynamic flexibility training and Olympic lifts. Try a workout once and you’ll be convinced. Training aside, you need the desire to be the best!

You have to understand that your sport doesnt require a bench press max. You need SPEED and all its forms of it. All the successful programs (FSU, Miami, Florida, Nebraska) base their philosophy on speed. It works if you look at the BCS rankings. I understand your reluctance. RT goes against the grain, but thats why it works. If anything, try it for a short while and make an evaluation then.

Dave - a pleasure to hear from you and I would welcome you aboard Renegade Training if you decided to join us. But while I say that - I won’t attempt to convince you in manners that typically are done to promote sales. I won’t tell you stories of household names and send you glossy brochures of pristine training conditions. Instead, you can look back at the photos in the first T-Mag article at young athletes who evolved into some of the nation’s top recruits - through tough training focused on the needs of the gridiron. I will tell you however that Renegade Training isn’t for everyone but for those willing to go the extra distance and achieve beyond their greatest goals. Ultimately the choice is yours - but it starts with your character & the desire. If you or any other athlete have what it takes in your heart, nothing will deny us. Training and seeing my athletes achieve their goals is my greatest honor. Simple and straight to the point - If you want this, really want this, I will not be denied in making you the best you can be and teaching you all things are possible. In faith, Coach Davies

its me again i am going to give RT a try trust me i have no problem in the heart department i walked on to this football program when my high school coach told me to my face that i couldnt play there and i proved him wrong and now i am out for respect i just wanted to see what others said about RT coach davies sounds very sincere in the things i have read about his training and such and there aint nothing more important to me then getting some respect and proving a couple people wrong i just needed the right means to an end and i think i have found it.

magic words for me to hear that you want to prove your ability and have the heart - again together WE will make this happen. Make sure you email me - none of this order a program and no contact. So email me and lets get going. In faith, Coach Davies

“So email me and lets get going.”

Wow…that’s why I got utmost respect for Coach Davies, no bullshit, no money making, just wanting to help people out. I just hope when I get old enough and smart enough I can do the same.

Can you catch the ball?

I appreciate your kind words and respect, which is one of the greatest honors anyone can bestow. In the end how could you put a value to helping young athletes - something money simply can’t buy. - In faith, Coach Davies