renegade training

How many of you guys have bought coach davies workouts, and if you have how are they differnt from the one on this site? I dont want a sport spacific program, but i just want a regluar renegade program.

Just email Coach Davies…Tell him what you want to look and feel like or whatever your goals may be, and he’ll figure it out and hook you up. Me personally…I am trying to be able to do a back flip at 260 lbs. I am not quite there yet. But I am feeling extremely froggy.

I bought his six-week functional strength program. This one was suitable for me because I’m no athelete. I just lift weights. It uses the exercises printed here at T-mag. There were also exercises I didn’t know but a search of this board found descriptions for almost every one of them. It basicly lists the workouts for every single day and they vary each time. It’s a program I’ve never done before combining dumbell swings, jump rope, the bodyweight exercises, and the weightlifting. Because of the volume, I would suggest taking either Surge or Nitromine & Glutacene with this program. Wonderful program and very tough especially for myself whose been training only for looks. It wasn’t until I did his program that I found out how really out of shape I was. :slight_smile:

I have and I love it. I bought the MMA program and it is far more detailed than the stuff on this site. Also you get what you pay for. I would assess what your goals are first and formost. If you do not know what you want you will not achieve it. And I wanna be big and lean is not a goal it is a wish. If you want something you have to be able to articulate it in goal format. Which simply put is a measurable, detailed, and with a time table. Or checkout Psycho-cybernetics it gives some really good ideas for goal setting. Then pursue a program fitting by Coach Davies. However any of the sport specific programs will still blast your whole body. I garuntee that… If you do them properly you will not have to worry about getting worked.

I just want to be faster and more powerful… and bench 400 fast, squat 600, and power clean 225 and dunk with two hands.

I haven’t bought any of Coach Davies programs but have incorporated a lot of His theories and exercises in my training as they are described in numerous articles on this website. You will get brutally stronger and bigger without realizing it! I didn’t sense how much stronger I had become until I was helping friends move one day and noticed how much more work I could do compared to them, we are all about the same age (early to mid 40’s) but I was clearly much stronger and with more stamina.

I did one at 250. wasnt too hard. just jump high and when you get as high as your going to get, pull your knees hard toward your chest. youll flip on over.

thanks Goldberg! That is good to hear. I am very close and I know I could probably pull it but I have yet to try it with no pad and spotters. Not to mention I am so wiped out after training that I will kill myself if I don’t do it fresh.

Fulton, does he incorporate any speed/agility training into the program? What about plyos? How long are your workouts (long/short rest intervals?)?

Do you do the whole mixed martial arts program at the same time or do you break it up in parts through out the day?

what is a typical Davies’ workout like?

NO way would I do the whole mma program and Dino training that would kill ya. I do a mix. Add say half a dino train to half a renegade mix well add an olive and you are good to go. Seriously, I would suggest training the MMA program exactly as it is if you are not used to that yet. It depends on your goals how you mix it up. I was doing some of it to rehab from a motorcycle accident. I also wanted to increase the size of my upper body. You can easily see how they can fit together. Hell you can always renegade with any program… Hint… GPP for all. If you are not familiar with Dino training\odd implement lifting it will rip the shit out of you at first. You really have to ease into this if you want to be able to continue. Kinda like a virgin…but I digresss. I basically kept all the warmup, all gpp and exchanged the weighted portion for Keg lifting.

I dont want anyone to give away any of coachs secrets, but roughly how long 20/40/60 ect long are the agility cone drills? For that matter how long roughly is a good cone drill? thanks Rog

First, I should say I’m still trying to grasp the Renegade Training principles but I’ll answer the best I can (hopefully someone will correct any mistakes I write). There are some plyos (medicine ball pushups, plyo pushups) but it’s not a major part of the program. No medicine ball throws or anything like that. As for speed and agility, Davies provides circuits pretty much like the ones he’s posted on this board: GPP circuits and rope skipping which involves (an example) three rounds of skipping rope for 3 minutes and then during the “break,” 30 V-situps. Anyways, this is mostly a functional strength program which can be restricted to a gym. What you’re probably looking for is his 8-week program (power, speed, strength, size) which, according to the description, seems to be what you’re looking for. As for your other question: MWF are the higher volume days which take about an hour a half if you can respect the rest periods (45 to 90 seconds) . T and Th is shorter, no weights. Restricted to kettlebells/dumbells, the rope, GPP, and abdominal work . This takes about 30 to 45 minutes. He lowers the volume on all days in the later weeks.

OOPS I mis-read your question. yes I did the MMA program exactly as it is and I did it same time every day. I thought you were talking about now and I have created a hybred of Dinosaur\odd implement lifting and renegade training. I really like it but I cannot do the whole mma program and dino train that would lead to injury if I started out like that. I can work up to it which is what I am doing. I want to increase my work threshold to the point of a seal or something but keep my size. yeah I know good luck I but dispite nay sayers I will do it.

Yeah i bet dino training and one of Coach Davies programs would kick anybodies ass quick if you tried to do both of them all out together. How is the Dino training treating you? Is it helping with your combat a great deal? I want to finish Coach Davies program completely then Im going to start something similar to you. Dino training with a lot of GPP.

Is any one a member of the VIP club on ANd are the workouts a good deal?

You become VIP when you buy a program I believe. I think your first 8 week program is $100. Get started with that and then email Coach half way through and let him get more specific for you to get more out of each workout. That is what I did. Then he had an invite everybody kind of session down at the beach, and he was really able to take me to the next level from one face to face workout. Just get a workout, then get on the forum to get you through it.

Yes, the VIP club is great deal! 6 months worth of workouts for $25! I have already bought that, unfortunately not enough people were interested in the 2nd 6 months! Or I would be doing it now! A great investment I think! It as a easy to follow, well laid out program that any athlete can use! Plus, Coach is always there to help you out. Thanks Coach! In faith, Matt