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Renegade Training

Since I aspire to be a football player(Yeah yeah, 22 and still haven’t grown up yet) I thought I’d adopt Davie’s Renegade Training for a while. I did the workout that was posted on T-mag a while ago, and man it whiped me out. More so then EDT or Meltdown.

If I remember right Nate Dogg was saving some of the renegade workouts Davies was posting on this message board... if ANYONE out there has saved them, can they somehow point me towards them or help me find them on the net? I tried doing a search here on the message board but I get this error whenever I try to search here

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Is anyone out there still doing Renegade training on this site? If so can you share some of your experiences and advice on it? And please the workouts as well. :wink:

Part of the reason of my renewed interest, or well revising my goals of not caring about my body fat but, wanting to play LB or maybe SS has to do with the fact I always thought I was too slow at a 4.8 or 4.9 40 yard dash. However recently doing some of Alessi’s stretches and workouts to help the tilt and huge arch in my lower back seems to have made a huge improvement in my running speed. Everyone that has seen me sprint recently has commented on my increased speed.

Just keep hitting the search button it will come up after a few more presses.

If you want to play football, definitely talk to Coach Davies. I’m a track athlete and have been doing Renegade training for 12 weeks now, and I can say with confidence that this system is the best for athletic preparation that I’ve ever done. Of course, I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard before, either.

If you decide to do some Renegade training, I have the following advice: The first 2 weeks will be the toughest mentally, so be prepared. At first, pushing it all the way to the end takes some serious resolve, but you’ll adapt quickly to the workload. If anything is unclear at all, ask Coach D right away; don’t do something wrong for 3 weeks before finding out that you wasted time. Don’t worry about eating to much and gaining bodyfat; the work is so demanding you need to worry more about eating enough. Despite my own massive food intake, I’ve gained about 5lbs of lean mass since starting without adding any fat. Good luck.

Make sure you hit the subject button instead of pressing return when you try to do a forum search. Also, Coach Davies has a Renegade Training Program set to come out for football any day now. Register at dragondoor.com or email Coach Davies for more information.

I got the search thing working, Thanks guys. That should be a great help in the future. Unfortunately, it seems like the workouts Coach Davies used to post on here are too old to come up in my search. Does anyone have them saved they could somehow send me, or know a place on the net that the workouts are?

And I plan on getting the book from Davies, on football training when it comes out.

Thanks for the kind words men, I really appreciate it (btw - John, the answer to your question is found in an article here with good pictures!). I really don’t how to help on the search engine - but feel free to ask questions. TC has given me a chance to write some pretty unique article’s so there’s a lot that you can look over through those. But I really want to stress this most of all - ask questions. For me coaching is the sharing of knowledge and through that we all get better. In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks Coach Davies! I found the ham pull-throughs in your “Forgotten Squats” article.

Does anyone here still Renegade Train??? As you will soon find, Renegade’s are everyday people like you and me set out to change the course of history. We do so by NEVER QUITING! Constantly Evolving in a sport specific manner. So you said you are suffering from the ol’ “sway back”? One of the Renegade Brothers I train with has been attacking his sway back for 6 months now and he has been incredibly successful with Renegade Training. he dropped from a 4.7 to a 4.4 and is 15 lbs heavier. If you can stick with the Renegade Program you will be fine. Inorder to make it stick you will need a burning desire and expert knowledge of food and supps. You slack on your diet and you might just get eaten by a legion member. If you can hang, The Dark Renegade Legion will embrace you as a brother. ooooohhhhhoohahahahahahahahaha(evil laugh)

Thanks for the votes of confidence there. I think I can definately hang. Competition is by far my favorite thing.

Now I just need to get ahold of those old Renegade workouts that were posted here, but don’t seem to come up on the search since it was so long ago.

I second everything that John S said. Be prepared for the first two weeks as they will be the toughest (and consequently the most rewarding). Once I got over the first few weeks of having to accomplish such intense work in such a large volume for 5 days a week, the workload was much easier to handle.

Bump… again. In the hopes that someone out there has all the old renegade workouts that were posted here saved.

Coach Davies writes about one exercise per week for intensity. You’ll just have to search and add them up.