Renegade Training: Tempo?

Coach Davies … for the routines discussed in your renegade training article … should all be performed as an explosive movement? Some movements are obvious … but things like single leg squats (which I know I’ll need to harness some type of rope to help my balance for the first few go-rounds), chinese ab movements, rope pulls, etc. Would you consider these types of movements to call for controlled explosion? or slow, methodical, and extremely precise? Thanks.

It might be best if you tell me what your intent is. Remember, that program is a sample day of training for a football team. I might tailor things differently if your interests are different. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies … right now I’m involved in a mass gaining cycle and have three weeks left. When I’m done with that, I’d like to try out your routines, philosophies, etc., because A> it will make me a better athelete overall and B> although grueling, they do look like fun in the sadistic all-or-nothing goal reaching type of person I am. I compete in BMX racing (although took this year off to concentrate on business and other things). I think JeffD described what it’s like pretty well in another post. I also do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu once per week … I’ve realized the more time I spend in the gym doing “conventional” training (body building), the less “in shape” I become when it comes to performance (racing, etc.) although I look better. I’m basically looking to be the all-around animal athlete. I know that’s vague. Thanks!!

that explains it perfectly your a savage RENEGADE - perfect. You can either try part of the workout I post in the “Coach Davies Renegades” or tell me more about your training & will give you some suggestions. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies, as I mentioned before, I’m in a mass gain cycle right now. Trying to go from 160-pounds to 180-pounds (with no fat gain, of course). I’m 5’10" by the way. I have my whole diet and routine outlined at Grant Hansen's Fitness Plan and have gotten some good feedback from some forum users on it. I have 3 weeks (well, 2.5 weeks now) left on this cycle. I’m not going to break it because that would mean not going through with my set goals (whether I reach them or not, I don’t intend to quit, nor do I expect to put on 20 pounds in only 4 weeks!) I suppose the perfect renegade training for me would not only be to increase speed and explosive power, but size as well! I hope that provides you with more info. On a side note, how do you find the time to answer everyone’s questions!? You are a true asset and role model to all of us. Thanks!