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Dark Renegade: I share your desire in making it to the NFL, except I want to coach! I am giving Coach Davies Alpha Phase a run through now, as I continue my quest for ultimate knowledge. I had one question though, maybe you can clear it up for me. On certain lifts he gives the intensity percentage that he wishes for you to work at; What intensity should be used for the other exercises? I know that Coach Davies doesn’t recommend taking any of them to failure but he doesn’t list an actual intensity percentage.

what is the point of using an agility ladder?I’ve heard there bad for sprinting because you are creating an artifical stride length.Are agility ladders good for football?

Agility ladders are used to develop foot speed and body awareness, not sprint speed. The squares used are 18" by 18" and typically only 8 yards long. This would have no impact on sprint technique. It is easy to see how certain drills on the ladder would transfer over to specific sports. Quite valuable piece of equipment.

I am assuming you are talking about rope pulls or cuban press, stuff like that? That stuff is PREHAB. We are not really looking to be incredibly strong in those lifts nor do they recruit a massive amount of muscle as most oly lifts. You just want to prevent injury and keep everything working together smoothly.