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I play at a JUCO school in Arizona. I play the linebacker position and will make it to the top no matter what. The question I have is how will I get there? I have devoted the past 4-5 years of my life to weightlifting and some running in order to dominate in football. Little did I know that there is so much more to football than just weights. I must find away to train my lower body to become extremely explosive. I was curious if anyone out there could explain to me how to go about this. You probally hear this a lot but I work my ass off to get what I want. And if I want it no matter how far off it is, I will work to get it! No bullshit.

I applaud your desire to excel. You need to focus on preparing yourself to maximize performance on the gridiron. I would be pleased to discuss. In faith, Coach Davies

Where in AZ? The answer to your question is in the title of your post. Try the search engine.

What school in Arizona? I attend ASU and know a few of players there and know some guys at SCC. I graduated from Horizon in '99 but do not play football anymore, although I’m training like one with an ex-Colorado State football player. We do lots of Renegade stuff and we’re getting yoked and explosive during this fall. To give you an idea of how serious I am: I built my own agility ladder, got some cones for speed/foot drills, bought a wheelbarrow for GPP, bought 400 lbs. of sand, a jump rope, and 80 lbs. of chains for squats and bench. Next project is some kettlebells. Le me know man.

In a nutshell: Olympic lifts. Find someone (your school’s strength coach should be able to help) to teach the proper way to the clean and jerk and the snatch. Make sure you get coached on these lifts as they are highly technical and improper form can lead to serious injury. Once you learn them add them to the BEGINNING of your workouts. In addition to that you might want to look up some information on Plyometrics. Hope this helps.

First off Stephen: Don’t ever “in a nutshell” Renegade training again. Got it. Good. Maybe that was a gramatical er on your part but no Renegade can be “in a nutshell.”
JB56: So you wanna be a Renegade? You talk big. You say “no matter what.” Prove it. Go to Coach D’s website read every article he has archived there, it won’t take as long as you think. Then you contact Machine. Take him up on his offer. This is a BROTHERHOOD. Not many people can hang that is why the Renegade door is always open, so people don’t hurt themselves running out. You are in season now right? Well you can get down to Machine’s cell and work on technique and get some of the philosophy and you will see an immediate benefit to your game. If you wait til after the season you will be devoured by myself and my brothers as we turn it on like nobody turns it on in the off season. If you come in ready and prove worthy we will drag you to the top with us if we have to.

This message is to Machine.  I play in Yuma, AZ.  If what you wrote was an offer I'll take you up on it anytime.  

This message is for “DARK RENEGADE.” Granted renegade training is tough is hell, there is no way in hell your ass are anybody elses will devoure me. If anything after I get the hang of the concept I’ll be pushin your ass to the top.

This message is for Mr. John Davies. I was pumped up when I saw your website and read what you wrote. Some of the things you wrote were exactly what I feel and do. By no means Im I a follower or am I trying to act like a suck up. People like that will be followers there whole life and never amount to shit. My question is the equipment I will need in order to follow a program like one of yours. Im in college and money is a little hard to come buy right now. The area I want to greatly improve on is my agility, speed, quickness, and explosiveness. Is this possible with your training?

Trust me, do the training. Pay the measly 100 bones and get the football program. Email him and tell him what position you play and I am sure he will make your training specific to your position. I started one for ice hockey/goaltending this week and it is unbelievable. It’s like the past 3 years of training I did prior to this didn’t even count. It’s brutal, challenging and takes all your will just to get through each session.

As for the equipment, I either make my own cheaply, or use an alternative, or buy it if I can. You said you are going to make it to the top no matter what. If that is the case, then the couple of hundreds you spend now will not matter if it gets you were you want to go. Think about it.

I just wanted to back up the other guys in telling you to order the 8 week program. I do the one for mixed martial arts and it is fantastic.

You do not need much for renegade training. It is perfect for students.

What you’ll need:

Jump Rope
Agility Ladder - you can make one with tape or draw one on the sidewalk with chalk

Hurdles - again easily made or improvised

Access to weights - substitute DB’s for the kettlebells

Heart - lots of it now bring it

Spend the money on Coaches program it’s worth it.

I think I’ve spent $20 on equipment (cones, rope, chalk)

There is obviously more to consider (wheelbarrow, tire, sled sledgehammer) but this should get ya started

My advice would be to adopt the Renegade training lifestyle. I am a big fan of the mentality it takes to complete a Renegade Training phase. I myself purchased the football training, phase I from Coach Davies website. Wish I had the cash to pick up the other programs so I could continue and earn my Renegade certificate, however, college eats at the “piggy bank.” I plan to pursue a career as a strength coach following graduation. I follow Coach Davies work closely, I plan to attend one of his seminars when he comes down south. If I can be of any help. Let me know. Good luck.

Back before I ever contacted Coach I had the same attitude. I am even meaner now. You will be at Alpha level if you complete the first 8 week program. I am about done with Beta. I have been laughing and talking shit in practice because my condition is so primed for football. When my friend (linebacker) and I contacted Coach D we had one goal. NFL. We are right on pace. I will eat your unborn child to get there. I will let your family starve to death while I feast on flesh 7 times a day. Just get the techniques and have a good season. Come Jan-Feb be ready to have you pain tolerance removed. The Brotherhood will be hosting a “Take all comers” open training schedule. In my cooler I usually have some beef, chicken, some fruit and veggies, water and trailmix. You will be like my trailmix, I’ll just take a bite every now and then when I feel like it. Bring your piss and vinegar, I work up a thirst.

Machine, what’s the name of the ex-player from CSU you train with? I’ve been an assistant strength coach at CSU for the past 2 years working with football. I was just curious if I knew him.

You are about 3 hours away from me, as I am in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. However, if you ever come up here then definitely contact me and we will train together. The offer’s out there. Also, here is a list of some equipment you need that is fairly easy to come by should you except this mission: 1 Wheelbarrow ($40), 300-500 lbs. Sand/Cement ($10), 1 Home-made Agility Ladder ($15), 1 Home-made Dragging Sled, 6 Cones ($6), 1 Jump Rope ($2), 2 Med-balls, ($75), Optional: 60-80 lbs. chain ($100). Most of that stuff (except med balls and chains) is relatively inexpensive. I will give some descriptions for constructing your own agility ladder and sled in the next post.

This is what I did to make my own sled and agility ladder. Obviously, you can customize your own but my way works pretty well.

Agility Ladder Description: Purchase 2, 28 ft. pieces of 1/4" thick nylon rope. Purchase 9, 36" long 1/2" thick wooden dowels. Cut in half to make 18, 18" long dowels. Drill 3/8" hole in each side of dowel approx. 1/2" in from end. Run nylon ropes through each dowel. Your ladder is complete. Set dowels 18" apart giving 18" x 18" squares. Save one last dowel for spare as you will only need 17 dowels to make 16 squares for your 24 ft. or 8 yd. ladder.

Dragging Sled Description: Purcahse sturdy, hard plastic laundry basket ($7) and 20 ft. nylon pulling strap with looops on end ($15). Use sand/cement bags for weight in the sled. Dragging Sled is now complete.

I should mention that most of the stuff can be bought at a local Home Depot. If you have more questions let me know.

His name is Justin D. I prefer to not give his name out without his permission. He was a freshman DE there about 2 years ago and injured his shoulder and came back to Arizona to get surgery and rehab. The boy has put on some serious weight since then. He showed me his picture from Colo. St. and he was tiny. Now at 6’5 he is 265. He could stand to lose some fat (15 lbs.) and put some muscle on (15 lbs.) to keep his weight up. By January I’m sure he will have done that. He still has very, very quick feet for his size and excellent hip mobility and flexibility. Do you know the guy I’m talking about??

Doesn’t ring a bell. If he was last here at CSU 2 years ago he may have left before I got here. Considering the way the strength program used to be here at CSU, doing renegade training is probably a mircale worker for him.

You’re exactly right. He said the strength program at CSU sucked. He went to a premier Arizona high school (Desert Vista) which had a good strenth program. I’m not positive about all the details but I remember him saying he wasn’t happy with the CSU program. It had something to do with his injury he got right before his freshman season. Renegade training is definitely a few steps ahead of most collegiate strength programs.