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Renegade training for arms?

I feel my arms are my great weakness at this point. What angle would a renegade take to drastically improving the upper arms in a short amount of time?

Adam Marshall

I think Coach has suggested rope work, done with elbows tight to sides, pulling rope end over end, and zottman curls. Check his old articles.

heavy,chins, rows, pull ups, bench, incline bench, dip, military press, deadlift, ballistic lifts. Unless you’re strong at the basic, multijoint exercises, you are looking at increasing the speed of a car, focusing on the tires, neglecting the engine.

Is your goal to enhance arm development or related to a function of sports performance? I look forward to being of assistance. In faith, Coach Davies

My sport is lacrosse and I do a lot of leaning in to my defenders. I feel like more mass on my arms would allow me to hold up to a season of checks better than less mass would. The actual ways the arms are used in the sport include pushing and checking while on defense, and on offense shooting and passing. So actually I feel an improvement in function and development would be important to me.

Adam Marshall