Renegade Training Book

I don’t necessarily want this to be a knock on Coach Davies because i kinda like the guy, and agree with some of his training philosphies. But…the book had next to zero real content with little explination on reasons for the means/methods prescribed. It was more just a compilation of movements/drills with illustrations. If that was the purpose I don’t know - but priced almost as much as Supertraining - that’s tough to justify. What y’all think?

I concurr.

It wasn’t meant to be a book about how to put together a program. It was merely showing the wheel of conditioning and the variety of exercises and how they are performed. It’s more of a reference manual. It helped me understand how some of the exercises are supposed to be performed and how they work within the program.

If you want a program, it’s best to purchase one from Coach Davies himself.

If you want a book and a program, I’d suggest the Renegade Xtreme Sports book.

Hey dblock,
I guess you’re right in that there is no program in the book. But he gives you the information for at least the first program in the book, it is up to you to figure out how to use it. He also gives variations on exercises that would otherwise not be known by the average trainee. The book shifts the focus from the weight room and “testing” numbers to what will improve performance on the field. He touches the every spoke of his wheel. which is far more than anything you get from anyone/ anywhere else that is sport specific for that price.
Like you said it doesn’t have a program in it. Doesn’t mean there is not value in it well worth the price.
If it was his second book he probably would have the program there, he adapted what people told would improve his books in Xtreme training and added a program.
He gives some vary basic pointers on forming a program and if you look at the articles he has for free here you can form a basic program that will be effective.
Study the sport and added what is needed.

I agree with everything said…If that was the intent of the book it fulfilled its objective…It just seems that a prolific writer & coach would offer something more substansive. Most anyone with a basic ex.phys/biomechanics background & an idea of the movement, energy, & strength requirements of a given task could throw together a collection of drills/exercises.
Anyway - just my first impression of the book. As a reference manual it serves its purpose.

Hey dblock,
I don’t know that you are exactly correct stating that most anyone with a basic ex.phys/biomechanics (which I pressume to mean that most high school coaches should have this understanding) can put together a program. For one most don’t have that. For two when I stop by and see what some are doing, even from my own playing experience, dynamic flexibility is rarely done, varieties of cone drills rarely done, GPP to this degree never done, sport specific combat drills in the off season never done, tumbling never done, hurdle drills never done. Most focus on max strength, linear speed, static flexibility and Olifts. Meaning most are incomplete.
You are correct, for you it may make a good reference same for those that already incorporate all this, but I have not seen anything as complete in practice anywhere yet.