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Renegade Brothers: Coach Davies called from the road - he had an urgent trip to one of his clients. As he said before, things “get a little crazy during the season.” To make sure all your workouts are covered - he has made sure you can pick up a functional training program at InfinityFitness for free. He will be returning, but is unsure of exactly when given the demands of the season.

Can you give the exact url as I cannot find it on that site. It is all buy success etc.

Thanks for the update!


Here’s mondays functional training workout. Since people seem to be having trouble finding it at infinity I figured i’d just post it.
Section A: Rope skip/ 3 rounds X 3 minutes (15 burpees)
Section B: Kbell 2 hand swings X 25, Clean X 3-5, 1 Hand swing X 25/ 3 circuits/ 60 second rest between exercises
Section C: Hang clean 5 X 3-5 / perform 45 % max effort with 60 second rest intervals
Section D: Giant set, perform 3 circuits with 30-45 second rest intervals
G/Ham raise X 5-7
Wide towel chins X 10
Renegade box pull X 5
Burpee X 15
Reverse Hyper X 20
Iron Cross X 10
Section E
med ball scoop throw forward X 3
barrier jump X 5
scoop throw backward X 3
barrier jump X 5
perform 6 sets with minimal rest intervals
Section F: Bodyweight GPP
jumping jacks, shuffle, burpees, mountain climbers, chinees 4 sets X 30 seconds
Section G sled drag (upper cuts X 5 minutes)
hammer curls X 4 sets (wrap bar to thicken)

Make sure you guys train with the coach yourself at his Los Angeles seminar this weekend. For more info. sbjkd@home.com or check out the Access Granted to Coach Davies post on this forum. Thanks T-Mag for allowing me to post.

Hey, just checked the e-mail Kelly posted. That’s an old workout. I just got the one at Infinity and it’s different.

I just checked out the infinity site and it says that Coach Davies will no longer be posting workouts on any web forums. You now must join a Renegade VIP club for $24.99 to get the workouts emailed to you.

I e-mailed Coach Davies about the club and asked what it was all about. Basically, he said the e-mail club is much more detailed work, and not the basic stuff you’ve seen here. He’s doing this because during his busy periods (ie, football season) it is virtually impossible for him to post to the forums on a daily basis. So it makes sense.

hmm sounds like bait and switch… However I am rather leary of people.

wow - look whats happens during football season. My apologies but my schedule has been impossible and I knew there would be times like these. When I noted the use of the free program, I was hoping each of you would have it for times I wouldnt be available. With regards to the email club, it is something new that I have thought up to address many of the concerns that are impossible in a forum setting such as tables, photos and mpegs and highly detailed and training protocols. I should have explained it better but as you see, my time is at a horrible premium. I look forward to hearing from each of you.

I just got done ordering the 6 months worth of information for Renegade training from InfinityFitness. Yes, it’s $25. I just thought I’d point out, however, that Coach has been providing FREE workouts DAILY for at least 2 months now. In addition, he’s written 3 or 4 articles and provided PERSONAL workouts for many people on the forum. I don’t think it will hurt anyone to purchase this same information for a mere $25. Obviously, if you’re not doing or don’t want to practice Renegade training then this doesn’t apply to you…