Renegade Training 3.1

You can’t search for the workouts. Can you help out Nate?

I been doing renegade training for two weeks now. It’s absolutley brutal but I’m lovin it. Keep the workouts coming.

Thrower, send me your email address again. I accidentally lost it this morning when I was trying to send you the workouts. My email messed up and I lost your address. I’ll get the workouts to you Thursday morning!

Hopefully, we can get things on track soon and get this week’s workouts posted. My schedule is messed up this week. So I had to do the weight workouts on Mon, Tues, Fri rather than the normal Mon, Wed, Fri. And I have taken last week’s programs and tweaked them a bit for this week. So that will at least hold me over until Coach Davies can begin posting again.

Nate Dogg, head over to infinity fitness and help Thrower out, please. You’ll see what I mean.

Thanks Jeremy! I’ll get the workouts to you in the morning Thrower!

Jeremy, thanks for the info. I tried to contact Thrower, but his email is not working. I may post the workouts on the forum, starting with week one if everyone is interested. It will take up a lot of space, but all the workouts could be posted for all to see and copy.

Nate I also have all the workouts in a wordfile if you need some help.

I know this has been a horrible week for many of our friends, family and loved ones. I hope each of my fellow Renegades are safe. The workouts have not been posted due to the recent attacks, but I’m hoping we can get back on track and continue training Renegade style. Coach Davies, when you have a chance, will you please post the workouts for us. I’ve been improvising this week based on last week’s workouts. I hope the rest of you have done the same while things get sorted out. Stay safe fellow Renegades. In faith, Nate Dogg.

Coach Davies informed me that he will be out of town for a few days to be with friends and family. As for this week’s workouts, here is Thursday and Friday’s of last week. Go ahead and make some simple changes to some of the exercises and use this to finish this week. Coach Davies will be back next week to post new workouts.

Thursday: Kettle bell work done in circuit fashion with 45-60 seconds rest between sets. Kbell 2-hand swings x 15, KBell 1-hand swings x 10, perform 3 sets. Rope Work: 3-minute rounds with 1-minute active breaks. Rounds 1-6, 30-second shuffle.

Friday: Kettle bell work done in circuit fashion with 30-45 seconds rest between sets. Kbell 2-hand swings x 25, KBell Snatch x 5, KBell 1-hand swings x 15. Rope Work: 3-minute rounds with 2-minute active breaks. Rounds 1-4, 30 fisted pushups, 15 Burpees. Section A: Weights: Renegade Squat Pull 2 x 15, Hang Clean 3 sets x 5, 3, 3. Between each set perform 12 burpees, Glute Hams 4 x 5-7, Commando Chins 3 sets x 8-10, Reverse Curl 3 x 12 Section B: Weighted GPP: Wood Chop (Ausbox) 5 x 2 minutes at constant pace with 45 seconds rest, Farmers walk holding dumbbells by towels wrapped around handles 2 x 3 minutes (increase weight from prior level significantly).

I just want to show my continued support for coach Davies work. I have two questions (anyone can answer). What are “ham-pull throughs” and I can’t do “wood chop”, is there anything else that i can sub for that?

Ham pull throughs: Stand with your back to a low pulley machine. Grab the handle between your ankles and stand up. Keep your back flat and extend at the hips.

As for wood chops, knowing why you can’t do them might help (injury, equipment, etc)

Nate Dogg, thanks for keeping things going. I don’t post much, but I have been using Coach Davies workouts since the beginning. I don’t do all of the exericses, but I incoroporate them with my workouts. I use many of the conditioning exercises from Matt Furey along with GPP and the Renegade Training Techniques. The results so far have been awesome.

I am 38 years old and I play flag football almost year round. I thought about “retiring” unless I could condition myself to not just hang with, but excel against, the teens and “twentysomethings” in my sports league. You see, over the years, I lost a few steps, so if I couldn’t start and win, I wouldn’t bother.

Well, I am on top of my game! I am running these guys down and making plays that I couldn’t make two or even theree years ago. My spped is increased and I am leaner at the same bodyweight. (5’7" and 189 lbs.) I feel great. Currently, I am not even taking supplements except for 500mg of Vitex twice daily. These workouts pay great dividends. Again thanks for holding down the fort during these trying times. Let me know how you are progressing, when you get a chance. Peace.


Thanks Krakkerz, the reason that i can’t so the wood chop i because I don’t have the equiptment. Any idea’s on what to sub in?

Greg if you don’t have an axe or wood get yourself a tire and do “tire chops”. There’s kind’ve a skill to it like wood chopping.

ALG, your progress is outstanding! It really sounds like you have benefitted from Renegade Training. Good going my man! I hope to have a similar effect from the Renegade Training as well. I’ve noticed slight improvements in body composition (staying leaner, building more shoulder mass), as well as the fact that I feel better conditioned and “lighter and quicker” on my feet. I haven’t really put my body to the test by participating in any organized games, but I’m hoping that I will notice vast improvements when I do.

Unfortunately, I took a 3-4 week break from Renegade Training, and I know that slowed me down. But I got back on track a couple weeks ago when the training decreased to three-weight training days and two days of rope work/Kbell work. I was burned out from the original training and needed a breather. My body seems to respond best to three weight training days mixed with “active rest” days. I’ll keep you posted with my progress. I recently received my dragging sled from Dave Tate’s site. So I’m looking forward to putting it to use this week. The only problem I have from training is my right shoulder. I keep reaggravating it. So I’m working on staying away from certain exercises that bring back the pain. Otherwise, I feel good and am eager to train.

In regards to your shoulder, have you tried pure MSM? You might consider this as anecdotal information, but I had a bad shoulder problem five years ago. I fell wrong playing football and even though the MRI showed no rotator cuff damgae, my shoulder was sore and stiff for months after. Everytime I woke up, I had to exercise it for a few minutes to get it going.

I heard about MSM being good for joints, as well as, allergies and other problems, so I gave it a try. In three weeks, my shoulder pain was gone and I mean completely. This was just my experience, but I have heard others say it has been a help. Do a web search and read about it - decide for yourself and look for a pure product with no fillers. You can get it cheap from several places, with no frills. If you need more information, just let me know. 'Hope everything works out for you. Peace.


I have actually received PT and deep-tissue massage on my shoulder. The PT said it was biceps tendonitis. Treatment made a slight difference, but not enough. I have been using a gluc/chond mix for a while. I’ve heard of the miracles of “MSM” and will look into finding someplace that sells it for a good price.
I can usually avoid pain by not benching, but ocassionally, other movements aggravate my shoulder. When I do bench, I always use a closer grip and keep my elbows close to my body. That has helped tremendously. But there is that ocassional exercise that just gets me good!

Here is some of the Archaic Series that Coach Davies posted long ago. I’m reviving it for those interested. Copy and paste this info now before it’s lost and be sure to Subscribe to this post so you don’t lose it later. I’m still searching for the previous workouts as well.

Nate Dogg