Renegade Training 3.1

Posting a new set of workouts for Coach Davies. Renegades, if you want the workouts posted, please show your support. Interest seems to be declining. Coach Davies’ time is at a premium, so he has forwarded the workouts to me to post. But if there isn’t enough interest, we won’t post them anymore. Nate Dogg

Monday: kettle bell work done in circuit fashion with 30-45 seconds rest between sets. Kbell 2 hand swings x 25, kbell Clean & Jerk x 5, kbell 1 hand swings x 15. Rope work: 3 minute rounds with 2-minute active breaks. Rounds 1-4, 35 fisted pushups, rest 30-40 seconds & repeat (make sure "rest" is not over 2 minutes). Section A: Iron Cross - 2 x 15, Snatch Complex 3 sets, between each set perform 12 burpees, Turkish get-up 2 x 10 reps, Ham pull-throughs 4 x 5-7, Shoulder width chins (palms facing out) 4 sets x 8-10, Reverse Curl 3 x 12. Wood Chop (Ausbox) 5 x 3 minutes at constant pace with 60 seconds rest with 50 fisted pushups during "break" Section B: Weighted GPP Farmers walk holding dumbbells by towels wrapped around handles 5 minutes. Reverse Hypers 3 x 25, Leg raise from chin bar (alternate pike & tuck) 3 x 10, Bar hangs of 3 x 30 seconds. In faith, Coach Davies

Keep them coming! - Matt

Tell him to keep them coming Nate. I’m finally getting to grips with them and the results are beginning to show.

Nate, keep them coming. Only the strong survive.

Continue the posts.

Hey Nate,

Do you have the original thread of workouts, the one before 3.0? If there is any chance you could attach it to an email I would be really grateful.

please, keep them coming.

Dude you have to get the coach to keep posting the workout I’ve gotten much stronger with them than anything else I’ve ever tried!

Mondays workout is done…Keep em comin, lets tear sh*t up!

Hey guys, I’ll let the Coach know that you are all interested in having them posted. Coach Davies may be switching to an email system soon rather than posting on the forum. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out his web site ( and sign up to be a part of the Renegade mailing.

Thrower, I have copied all the workouts down and have them in a Word document from week 1 until now (week 10). I could email them to you if you give me your email address. Otherwise, just look up "Coach Davies" in the search engine and all his posts will come up showing all the workouts from the beginning!

Monday’s workout is also complete on my end. It went well. But one of my hammies is feeling a bit tore up. I’ve got to really strengthen those bad boys. Talk to you soon fellow Renegades.

Please keep the workouts coming. Coach, I really appreciate you donating your time and knowledge. These workouts are great. I finally feel like an athlete again!

Please, keep them coming.

No declining interest here–keep them coming.

Were is Tuesdays workout?

Due to yesterday’s tragedy, the workout was not posted. I do not know what the workout entailed, but it should have been similar to last week’s. So here is a sample of Tuesday’s workout.

Tuesday: Kettlebell work done in circuit fashion with 45-60 seconds rest between sets, kbell 2-hand swings x 15, kbell 1-hand swings x 10. Rope work: 3-minute rounds with 2-minute active breaks. Rounds 1-4, abdominal circuit.

I will try to get Wednesday's workout posted. Maybe Coach Davies will have a chance to post it for us.

Nate Dogg. Would it be possible for you to post the entire succession of workouts to this point. I would like to start now but I am behind the curve from an injury.

The events of yesterday have prioritized a number of things - I will try to post training shortly. If you can please pick up, the free functional program. It will get you through this time. Allow me to ask all of you for patience during this. I look forward to helping all of you. In faith, Coach Davies

where do you get the free functional program?

Knuckledragger, I could post them, but it would take a lot of space. You could either do a search for “Coach Davies” and copy all the posted workouts, or send me your email address and I can email each week’s workouts to you. So far, Coach Davies has posted 10 week’s worth of Renegade training.

As for the free functional training, Coach Davies may be referring to the free sample program on Infinity Fitness. But I’m not positive, as I have not checked out their site recently.

Thanks Nate and Coach!