renegade trainin/football

im a college student who is looking to get into great shape with a 35 day time span. I’m willing to go to the extreme and i know no workout is more intense than John Davies workout program, and i was wondering if anyone could help me organize an eating plan along with a workout routine using no equipment that can decrease my body fat, and improve my overall speed and conditioning? i get sick with any seafood so please take that into consideration. I thank you all for reading this and wish you all a merry christmas

Geo, I’m sure multitudes here could give you both a W/O plan and eating plan too but it’d be a ton of work. Instead do a search on the site and see back issues - they’re loaded with what you’re looking for! MC to you as well…

For maintance I use a diet at JOHNBERARDI.COM called the “Cutting Edge Diet.” All I do is add another meal to it. Check it out and make changes to fit you.

35 Days isnt much but you can start to make changes in your program. Good quality foods and fish oils, since you dont like seafood. Do Renegade workouts so you at last give your body and brain the “blueprint” of similar movements you will do in football. Focus internally and see yourself in your mind move the way you want to. This has helped me tremedously.

Hey guys thanks for responding, but any ideas, ,i mean i have not many tools, just a pair of 40 lb dumbells, can yall at least supply me with the running program john davies uses for his athletes, so i can get into at least good shape as far as conditioning and speed goes… thanks alot.

Hey, Geo, I don’t see how you can build a house without tools. There are some great programs here on t-mag, but most of the programs assume that you have a home or gym membership. Don’t you have a gym at school? If not, try getting a part time job at a gym; membership is usually a perk.

You need a diet and you need a program, but those are very personal decisions, and ones that need to be based on your research. Most of the people following John Davies’ workouts (and who are getting his personal attention and guidance) have paid for their programs. I’m not sure it would be ethical to post them here because the man’s in business, and it’s his intellectual property, if nothing else.

Worst case scenario, run, sprint, do push-ups and pull-ups. I know you’re in college. It won’t always be this way.

K.I.S.S. Eat several meals throughout the day and drink plenty of water. Eat plenty of lean sources of protein (chicken, fish, beef), all the fresh vegetables you can eat and whole fruit. Avoid all bread products, processed foods, pasta and anything made with white flour or sugar. Throw in some raw nuts, eggs, the occasional serving of whole-grain brown rice, fish and flax oil supplements, and you should be good to go.

What exactly are you training for with a 35 day window. I will be happy to discuss and please dont take this the wrong way there isnt anything “extreme” that is going to happen in such a short time block. Guys like “Boxer Al” have been onboard for over a year, so 35 days? I hope to help. In faith, Coach Davies

Yes coach davies you are correct, i really just wanna have a workout thats intense, but 35 days is how many days off i have and i wont have access to weights during this time, and i would like a great workout to do during the time that can be very intense and hard to complete. this is all in preparation for football

I will try to help BUT I apologize for sounding a little annoyed - it isnt intended but this seems a little confusing and please try to offer a little more information. If I understand correctly you are a University student training for Football. I might be reading too much between the lines here but do you have much training experience? Should I presume you are training to report to off-season conditioning as a walk-on at school? Or something else such a free-agent camp for arena / regional combines? That will radically impact upon your training decisions and regardless 35 days is simply an extremely short period of time to make any radical adjustments to your program. While not an impossible bridge to cross in developing a training program (although extremely difficult) training for Football without access to a weightroom is incomplete. Again, I am trying to help so please feel free to ask questions. In faith, Coach Davies

Geo you do realize that you have to be extremely specific in what you want. Tell Coach what your looking to do and exactly what this workout is meant for, as Coach said is it for offseason, combine, and/or christmas break? I trained for football with Coach over a year ago when I was playing Arena Football and had to basically get a membership for a gym over vacations because without It was, like Coach said, incomplete.

Coach davies thanks replying. I’m at a university and im trying to get into the best shape ive ever been in. I will be trying to walk on, and i dont want to settle for mediocre results. I know that if anyone can help its you, and i just feel that these 35 days i have off from school can be used efficiently. The 35 days is not the whole program but just the beginning, I want to be able to beat my body down, and see if I have the passion to go on, I’m not the greatest, but neither am I someone who will quit. I want to be one of your success stories. And I’m hoping to get into great shape. I dont have equipment for those 35 days but if you can help me with a workout running wise would be adequate, thank you

Geo, I noticed you said you will be walking on. I would like to share some things with you, I was a former walk-on at a major football powerhouse in the Pac-10. Assuming things havent changed, you should be prepared for what lies ahead of you. This is not intended to scare or ward you off. You will be at a disadvantage since you are not on scholi. You are most likely going to have to develop your skills on your own. This puts you in a great position. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I have seen walk-ons earn scholarships and every time I do, it makes me smile. I know how hard it is to do. It can be done and if you focus on Renegade Training IN THE OFF SEASON, I have no doubt you will be ahead of most, even the scholi guys. My old strength coach sucked, so I would stick with the Coach on this. Trust me, he will work you harder than the puniversity strength coach. As for now, bring the lumbar as best you can and show them potential. I think thats a great strategy to go in with. Good luck and hope I read later that you got a scholi :).

Rock 'm Roll Geo, I know the walk-on blues all to well. It’s a great oppurtunity. Just train hard bucco, and do what’s usefull depending on your position. It ain’t magic. Train, eat right and most of all NOW YOU’RE GOOD!

But realistically in short time you have few options. Wind sprints, low carbs, power movements (bench, dead-lift, squat, cleans, etc.), drills pertaining to your respective postions(s), pleanty of rest is a start. I’m sure Coach D will provide specifics.

Good luck Dude!


Damn if you didnt fire me up - ok, you have something to prove and you’re ready to walk-on to do it. Its all about heart and sould. Wish you could train alongside my boys right now. Fill me in on what you have been doing as of yet and are you familiar with any of my sprint routines, covered in my book? Please drop me a line personally and tell me where you are reporting. I look forward to helping you & go make it happen! In faith, Coach Davies

Hello Coach Davies, I’m not familar at all with the sprint workouts in your book. I will be trying to walk on to rutgers most likely. I attend ST johns but unfortunately this week I found out their football program was cut which was a major disaster. In the past I’ve done conditioning workouts such as gassers,doing conditioning test such as 16 110s, and unfortunately have not done too well in those aspects. I’m hoping to improve my overall speed and conditioning, cause i really wanna get my motor running for 4 quarters and surpass the competition. once again i dont wanna be the second best, but the best.

I don’t want to speak out of place here, but I think you should really go to and email Coach directly. I think you will find Coach is very willing to help and you will get a lot more out of it this way.