Renegade Trainer

Are there any renegade lifters out their that are willin to show another the ropes? I live in Yuma, Az. Im willin to drive a bit. Machine are you out there!!!

I’m here brother. Still goin hard in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. I lift from 12:30-2pm on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat at the ASU student rec center. Mon & Fri are leg/pull days and Wed & Sat are bench/push days. All lifting days have non-weighted GPP beforehand. I also train from 8-9pm Mon-Sat at a local park, using one or more of the listed equipment: sled, wheelbarrow, agility ladder, med balls, cone drills, etc. I currently train with 1 other guy who used to play ball at CSU. We would both be willing to show you a few things. Let me know when you’re available and we’ll try to work it out.

Machine, I’ll be in Mesa giving a seminar on Saturday, October 5. The seminar gets done about 7pm. Email me from if you are interested in getting together for some food. I MIGHT even be able to train if the timing goes well.

Machine: JB56 seems to really want it yet he is unsure of what he is getting into. When you guys meet up take his program and show him all the moves he doesn’t know. If all you have is two days you should get four sessions in. That’s what we do when meeting new brothers, it will do you good to teach him and it will test your endurance and drive as you will have to lead the work out as well as teach and provide the intensity. And quite frankly it is your responsibility to set the tone and provide his initial test. Just 'cause he’s got a hundred bucks to spend on a program doesn’t make him one of us. Insaitiable drive makes him one of us. Make sure everyone in Yuma knows that he came to Renegade train and he saw the Devil.

I have school everyday except Friday. My games are on Saturday. So if it is conveinent for you I would like to get in on Friday. My practice on Friday is from 7:15 to 10:15. I would leave immediatley after practice. Anything you could teach me would be appreciated.

What seminar are you giving in Mesa? If you finish by 7pm we could make it for an evening workout if you want. My training partner have planned on Saturday: AM-> Non-weighted GPP, dumbbell circuit, ME bench, triceps, rows, rotator cuff work, PM → sled-upper body, agility ladder, cone drills, & sub-max sprints. PM workouts are usually at 7 or 8pm. If you’d rather just get a bite to eat let me know b/c I should be pretty hungry after training. I’ll let you know if my schedule changes.

True. Very true. He seems to be in season so I’m not sure how much he’ll want me to kick his ass into gear. However, you can count on me and my partner showing him how to train Renegade style. Definitely would try to fit in as many workouts as possible.

As I said, Fridays I lift at 12:30-2pm at ASU and do a park workout 8-9pm. Due to my schedule as well as my training partners, these stay pretty much constant. In general, I spend Fridays at campus doing homework/studying after lift workouts since I don’t work that day usually. Since you’re in season, it may be hard to arrange a time to meet that will work for both of us. Is there ever a Saturday you have no game? If not, we can try to work something out for a Friday and do 2 workouts and if you spend the night in Tempe, do 2 more sessions in Saturday AM. Let me know.

No I have a game every Saturday until Nov 9. I would go for the Friday workout.

Machine, man, I just got an email that the seminar is cancelled. So, I’m out. If I’m ever in the area, I’ll look you up again.

Thanks for trying.