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renegade style training

Wondering if anyone could assist me in putting together a SPP routine specialized for a boxer? if you can much appreciation goes out to ya… hope we can begin now, because tommorrow is too late.

Go to renegadetraining.com and send Coach Davies an email. In faith - Matt

Did that already, but the man must be extremely busy. Thanks for the advice though.

Matt was right, check out www.renegadetraining.com

What are your stats? What is your skill level? What is your style (puncher, boxer, a little of both)? What are you doing now? Coach Davies is a great resource, and will probably need more info, as will I, in order to help.

Please try to resend - can’t figure what would happen to your email (a virus maybe?). But, you might want to consider your needs more towards GPP rather than SPP. In boxing, nothing better than your skill work in the ring and bags when we are considering SPP. BTW-whereabouts are you located as I will be conducting some Boxing-specific’s clinics in the south-west this fall/winter. In faith, Coach Davies

My stats are as follows: 5’6" 153Lbs. (dieting to get to 147 “welterweight”). Im a boxer and puncher though punches aren’t where they should be (are not coming up for defense as quickly and consistantly, motion down a lot after punch is delivered), just started training back up from a six year lay-off due to college football and also did some arena football till’ injury cut that short. Have been training for two weeks now with a trainer. Coach Davies: I have one of your football workouts(phase I,level I) and I have been performing the monday and thursday workouts on it. So I have been doing GPP.Well thanks for the help so far. Please chime in some more.

Where in the southwest will you be? I’m training with the goal of being a boxer, and would love to work with someone like you. I’m in Texas right now…