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Renegade Specifics?

Hi all,
Been liftin intelligently for about a year now. I’ve had some experience with the renegade training programs and I’m currently doing renegade bodybuilding and I “enjoy” it a lot. My question is:

I want to get on a program that is sport-specific. I train right now for soccer as well as some pick-up b-ball and hockey games on the weekends. I recently looked through renegade training for football, and I liked it, but I was surprised to not see any programs. The exercises and suggestions were great, but where can I find some actual rep, %, exercise combos, progression, etc.? Is the only way to get a specific program to contact (coach) Davies himself? If anyone’s got the answer, that would help. Thanks in advance!

There is a six-week program listed in the Renegade Training for X-treme sports book. Otherwise, the majority of the programs are only available through Coach Davies (other than the few on T-Nation: Renegade Bodybuilding, Fat to Fire 1 & 2, etc.).

The best way to get the information you want is to contact Coach Davies. Honestly, I’d recommend doing that if you’re the slightest bit interested in Renegade training. A six-month program for $150 is pretty tough to beat, and my experience is that Coach Davie will absolutely bend over backward for the people who purchase his programs.

After I bought my most recent program from him, he called me to talk about my goals for almost half an hour (free), sent me a couple of Renegade T-shirts (free), and sent me a $20 e-book (free) when I wrote him a couple of questions for clarification on my routine. Frankly, the free stuff he did for me is worth more than I paid for his program.

The program itself is awesome as well, however. It’s helped resolve a low back issue that was driving me nuts, and it’s helped with a shoulder that was feeling a little funky as well. Add to that the fact that I’m getting leaner and building work capacity, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Try his Nitro-Squat program if you want to get great legs for soccer. It blew up my legs so much that when I showed my friends my quads today they said ‘that’s sick. I would never want quads that big’. It made my day. The only modification were only doing one assitance exercise per session and front squats twice a week (one instead of back squats) because of the running and sled work I am doing in football. Thank you Coach Davies.