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Renegade Row


In the latest issue about kettlebells, one of the exercise is the renegade row, is there another varation of this exercise but you extend either the kettlebell or dumbbell in the air over your head? If so, what is that exercise called?



Dumbbells, particularly hex dumbbells can be substituted. make sure you don't rotate your shoulders as you lift the db off the floor. the idea is to resist rotation in order to train the obliques/ass.


I think the exercise you're thinking of is Turkish Get-up. you lie flat with a (dumb)kettlebell locked in position over your head. you keep your arm locked overhead and slowly stand up and lie back down. youtube it if I couldn't explain it well enough.


I think he's talking about some kind of T-pushup with DBs/KBs. I'm not sure I've ever seen T-pushups with weights before though.

OP: does it resemble this movement? --> http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?qid=51512&tid=105


I think your talking about something I've heard called the "gladiator". It's like a turkish getup, but instead of standing up, you go in to a side plank w/ your one hand flat on the ground the other other one holding the bell vertical.

Something like this:


That is what I am talking about, thanks for that link. Appreciate it. I was doing this along with the Renegade row to help with my GPP.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the link, close to what I was talking about, but I think I will add that to my GPP workouts, looks challenging and fun.

Thanks again!