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Renegade Rope Work

Interesting article in the new issue Coach D! Sounds positively exhausting! I’ll give it a shot! I’ve heard many people talk about doing fisted push ups, but why exactly? Why are they better than regular push ups?

Shit, that was a tough workout! I love it! I heard Coach Davies was out of town, so maybe he’ll see this when he gets back.

TEK, the fun really begins when you finish the rope work and then move on to the rest of the Renegade workout! :slight_smile:

im guessing they’re tougher because you can’t use your forearm/wrist strength

We did pushups on our fists at the dojo I used to attend. They’re good for your wrist stability & forearm strength. Also, they give you a couple of more inches of range of motion.

Yeah that very first workout Coach Davies ever posted on here was probably the toughest workout I’ve ever had. You guys will get used to it really quick though.