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renegade rope question

Trying to add renegade rope program for cardio 3x week. My question is this, the program is based on 6, 4 minute sets. 3 work minutes, one rest minute. My problem is that after about 1 minute of work, I can barely get my feet off the ground. Any suggestions how to build up my stamina so I can work this program?

Just keep it up and try and progress every w/o. Do as much as you can then take the 1 rest minute then go again. Try to steadily increase the go time each w/o. Befor long you will have it. Good luck.

Just keep doing it. That’s the only way to really build stamina. And think of baseball. Oh wait that’s something else. :slight_smile:

be patient it will come as you improve not only your work threshold but also your technical skills. As an aside, one very typical thing is that many when they first start rope work tend to psych themselves out ? try to relax when you skip and not stare at the clock. Please let me know how I can help.

In faith,

Coach Davies