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Renegade Program with Mag10

Is there anyone out there who has tried Renegade Training with Mag-10. What kind of results did you get? What bodyparts grew the most? And if you never did do this what do you think one would expect? Thanks

You can use Renegade Training to achieve any goal. You want to gain mass, you can. You want to get lean, you can. You can setup your own weightroom program based around the Renegade ideas. Theres really no way to say what bodypart is going to grow the most… whichever one you want. Prioritize your resistance exercises like you would in another bodybuilding program. I incorporated the db/kb circuits, gpp & weighted gpp into a heavy weight room program, and I’m dropping fat like mad. (I posted what I’ve been doing yesterday… scroll down and find it if you’re interested.) Hell, try Coach Davies Renegade Bodybuilding. Thats some volume for your ass. But again, diet will determine mass gain or fat loss… so thats on you. (not that I didn’t think you knew that, but… ya know) Good luck, bro.