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Renegade Program Coach Davies help

Im am a football player and have been reading t-mag for a while now. I have just received Renegad Training for Football. I would like to know how to put this program together. The book says nothing very little about this. I have weights, a track, cones, hurdles, plyo boxes, pretty much most of the equipment except for Medicine balls and kettle balls. I would like to have a general weekly split and a general structure of a daily workout (gpp—> agility—> stength—> speed???) I would also like to know how I should order the exercises during the weight training.(Core—>hydrid lifts—> supplemental lifts???).

What kinds of sets and reps should I use. I don’t want an exact workout just a general sample so I will know where to begin. I would really appreciate input from a “renegade” here on the site or one of the renegade coaches. I am going to begin as soon as possible.

I’ll swap your book for my answer, seriously though, send me an email at hotmail and I will send you about 12 weeks of workouts taken from the forum.

new renegade trainer, welcome aboard. Shoot me an e-mail. Would like to discuss your current training and get you pointed in the right direction.

Hey look feel free to ask me questions and I can help exactly. We are also launching a forum hopefully next week so that should help a lot. BTW - the forum workouts have little to do with football training. Good “R” sessions but not the full deal. In faith, Coach Davies

How exactly do I get your e-mail address?


As a relevant note, apparently Coach has guided a PA and IL HS team to w/o programs that won state titles. My brother in Pittsburgh said that the local team there has an O line that’s collectively a “beast”.

Heck yeah, the boys of Hopewell Academy in the 'burgh did a great job in winning PA State displaying a powerful attack. Our boys in Illinois and Texas also did great jobs and were outstanding on the gridiron. Long off-season of hard-work paved the wave to success and I am proud to have played a small part in these young athletes success. Of course - thats behind us now & we are already attacking next year all throughout the country. Sorry - just love to talk 'bout HS 'ball. In faith, Coach Davies