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Renegade Overtraining

I have been training renegade style off and on for over 2 years. Although my level of fitness is greatly increased, I seem to get overtrained using Davies programs. Has anyone had similiar experiences?

I think the GPP approach from RT is good. I feel the strength recommendations are overtraining. JMO.

There are a number of concerns that always need to be dealt with.

First, while I hate to use the soft term - but you’re always looking to slightly “overtrain” - over the longhaul of training its a desired state that has to do with a super compensatory effect. But in all cases any problems rise from compliance and diet. What I have observed is anyone who has problems with the basic volume is that that are not following the guidelines of work intensity and generally replace with what they feel is appropriate from other training systems (i.e. when I write 50% I mean 50 and not 80). That will definately impact upon training. Additionally diet and too low a carb / caloric intake is often an issue.

Let me know how I can help and please email me when you can.

In faith,

Coach Davies

There a few things I am going to do.

I am going to lower what I have been using on my %'s. I think I may have estimated to high on these.

Dial in my diet, more. I am going to increase my high fiber carbs.

Work on my sleep. I wake up at 4:45 AM to train. I often do not get to bed at an early enough hour. One thing I recently started doing is drink 1/2 a serving of Surge before working out and 1/2 after. I might add Berardi’s reccomendation of using Gatorade+Surge before early morning workouts.

I think just posting to the forum has opened my eyes to some obvious things.

Sleep- I am not getting enough sleep. I am married with 3
children under 6 and wake up at 4:45:AM to train. I coach my oldest son’s pee-wee football and attend all my younger son’s soccer practices.
Definitely fun, but tiring. So, early morning is my only time to train. I am often not in bed till 11:30 or so. I need to work in this.

Recovery- My diet goes in spurts. I am great for 2 weeks
and awful for a week. My overtraining tends to happen during my awful
weeks. Also, I have just started focusing on drinking 1/2 a serving of Surge before my AM workout and 1/2 afterwards. Additionally, I need to up my “good” carb intake. Especially post workout.