Renegade Nutrition and Androsol

Could you tell me where can I find androsol in canada because RN stopped to sale andro product ? (not order from US)

I don’t have a www. adresse but I have a phone number 1 800 644 9030 I have some stuff dilivered all the time and yes he has andro among a lot of other stuff you cant get on the shelf in Canada. OH and by the way he’s less expensive than renegade. Mention the name Raoul or Bo Boy.

Do you know off hand if they also carry Mag-10???

Ya I’d also like to know where to order mag-10 in Canada.

SO SORRY I talked to the gy at that 1 800 number and he is not interested in expanding his shipping buisness other than local for now.
New Brunwick.

I spoke to this guy the other day, and he didn’t seem to impressed to you were spreading this stuff around. Maybe think before you decide to open your mouth.

TO anon:EXCUSSSE me for trying to help.The thing is if you have a 1 800 number and advertis it in the local paper with some of the products you sell than what can you expect.I saw 20 or so posting about renagades. I wonder if those people asked them first before posting? Either you want to sell or you don’t" If you do say yes, if you don’t say no. Whats the big deal? Again sorry for trying to help!